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Wiki rules

  • Articles must be related to Minetest.
  • The wiki is not a place to store personal content, images…

Mod and custom game guidelines

  • Content from mods other than those in Minetest Game is allowed, however the fact that the item is not in Minetest Game and which mod it is from must be clearly stated.
    • Mods that place content on this wiki should create a subpage under “Mods” (eg. “Mods/More_Blocks/Stone_Tile”), listing the blocks, items, commands, etc that the mod provides.
    • If the mod is also part of a custom game, then the subpage should still be under “Mods”.
    • If the mod is only part of a custom game and not distributed as a separate mod, then the subpage must be under “Games” (eg. “Games/Carbone/Commands”).


Help improving this wiki. Request for an account in the forums thread.

If you know another language, you may translate languages pages.

If you have some technical skills, you may also contribute to the development wiki.


Naming images for mods

It is advised to name images for items, blocks, mobs, etc. like this: Item Name (Mod Name).png, Block Name (Mod Name).png, etc. For an example, see Mods/Protector/Protection.


3D blocks used in the wiki (ex. Wooden Planks.png) are generated using Blender and the .blend file linked in this forum post created by Calinou.

Images are 150x150 PNGs and should have the front tile on the bottom-left face as in the game.


Items (ex. Apple.png) are displayed in the wiki as 2D images ranging from 20² to 160² pixels.

It is advised to create a unique version of 160². If you use a 16² image, browsers will scale up the image using interpolation and the result will not look very clean.

Create images by extracting the 16² version available in the GitHub repository and scale them to 160². Do not use scaling interpolation so that pixelized appearance is maintained. For this task, you can use one of the following:

Note: currently many of the items are still 64².


Please use PNG for screenshots, not JPEG (JPEG provides lossy compression).

Transparent mob pictures

-move to the default 3d view
-go to object mode and right click a bone if there is any press m to move them to another layer
-go under the camera tab and expand Shading - change Alpha from Sky to Transparent
-press shift + c to reset camera and render picture
-Use greenscreen mod and make a wall out of whitescreen blocks.
-add this code to the init.lua to the mobs mod and rename modname with that mod name also rename all the character text with mob you want to take a picture of.

minetest.register_node("modname:character_statue", {
   description = 'Character Statue',
   drawtype = 'mesh',
   mesh = 'character.b3d',
   tiles = {'character.png'},
   inventory_image = 'character.png',
   groups = {not_in_creative_inventory=0},
   paramtype = 'light',
   paramtype2 = 'facedir',
   groups = {cracky=3, stone=1},
   selection_box = {
      type = 'fixed',
      fixed = {-1, -0.5, -1, 1, 3, 1}, -- Right, Bottom, Back, Left, Top, Front
   collision_box = {
      type = 'fixed',
      fixed = {-1, -0.5, -1, 1, 3, 1}, -- Right, Bottom, Back, Left, Top, Front

-Change walk velocity in mob.lua to 0.0000001 (this will stop mob from moving)
-spawn the mobs with the egg, disable the damage and make screenshots with F12

Gimp-making picture transparent
-press shift-o together for color picker - click on the background
-then layer-transparency-color to alpha-choose the right color-press ok and the picture is transparent