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An item in Minetest Game
Item Type Vehicle
Renewable Yes
Durability N/A
Stackable Yes (99)
Itemstring carts:cart

New in minetest 0.4.15

A cart (minecart) is a mostly metal vehicle which runs on rails and can thus be used to travel longer distances on a fixed path. Travelling by cart can be faster than walking.


To use a cart, place it on some rails. After it has been placed, use (right-click) it to enter it. You are now in the cart. In the cart, the movement controls are slightly different than usual:

  • Punch: Increase speed
  • Backwards key: Decrease speed
  • Left key: choose left track at a switch
  • Right key: choose right track at a switch

Sneak+Click to pick up.


Name Ingredients Input → Output Description
Cart Steel Ingot
Steel Ingot.png
Steel Ingot.png
Steel Ingot.png
Steel Ingot.png
Steel Ingot.png
Used to travel on Rails.