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A game
Game Type Themed
Author KGM
Latest version 1.5
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Source code GitHub

Some Information about LOTH : a Lord Of The Rings themed Extreme Survival Game

The Story

LOTH is a quite new Lord of the rings themed Minetest game. The main idea is that the players have to defeat Sauron, get the one ring, and bring it to a safe place. Depending on what group the player belongs to (randomly set on first spawn), some of the mobs will be allied to him, while others won't. Damaging or killing allied mobs and stealing goods may cause punishment by a certain group. The player has to eat ballanced and drink (out of bucket :) ), else he will die slowly. Arrows can't be used to kill bosses, except black arrows that can be used to kill Fire dragons To kill bosses, epic weapons are aquired, these epic weapons are unique, so they can't be crafted, but they don't get used, too. They can be found when Trolls die in caves. Some of them shimmer blue when orcs are near... If a player wants more orientation during journeys, he has to open elven chests until he finds a map, showing all biomes and seas in the whole world. If a player doesn't want to go on big journeys to find some bosses, many of them can be found in caves or in the Nether. To go down into the nether, a player has to craft a Netherkey. To get out of the nether alive, a player must get up the sharp mountains and click a white shining teleport rack. To make Sauron spawn, a player has to beat all other bad bosses himself (every boss at least once). To get the ring, a player has to kill Sauron, this happens by chance, so don't worry about Saurons hp not getting lower... If a player has got the one ring, he should bring it to a safe place, because, if he dies with it in the inventory, it gets lost and Sauron comes again.

Server Gameplay

  • opening other players locked chests may cause punishment by a certain group.
  • attacking and killing other players may cause punishment by a certain group.
  • blue magic balls can be used to protect buildings, as they may hunt other players after stealing goods.
  • players can build traps to protect their buildings (falling trapstones, underneath lava etc.)
  • to server admins : please do not install any kind of protection mod, as these make gameplay boring.


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