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Minimal development test
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A game
Type Testing
Author Minetest Developers
Latest version same as Minetest's version
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Source code GitHub

The Minimal development test (or “minimal” for short) is a test “game” for Minetest which is only intended to be used by developers. This is not a real playable game and not meant for players. It's meant for development (both core developers, and modders which want fast startup for testing mods).

As of version 0.4.16, it is shipped together with Minetest by default.

Screenshot of Minimal development test



Minimal development test is very minimalist and only contains a very basic mapgen and a few nodes and items. It only features one sound when walking on dirt with grass, no other sounds are included. Textures are different than in Minetest Game.

Many items and nodes are borrowed from Minetest Game, although most of them are much simpler and many things have been removed.

It has a mod with name “experimental” adding experimental nodes, items and entities and other stuff meant to test engine features. Stuff in this mod is expected to have bugs. It contains things like the “tester tool 1”.

Also, it always gives items to players upon joining and uses different default textures.


This is a list of items in Minimal development test and their itemstrings, as of version 0.4.16.

Many items are equivalent to those in Minetest Game. A couple of items are also “experimental” and used for testing new engine featurs.


Testing tools

Tools to test various engine functionality.

Tester Tool 1

Itemstring: experimental:tester_tool_1

Punch a node to spawn a tester node 1. Punch the tester node 1 again to make it drop.

This node tests various node time callbacks like on_timer, on_construct, on_destruct, after_dig_node, and more.

Tester Tool 2

Itemstring: experimental:tester_tool_2

Punch a node to spawn a floating particle.

Mining tools

Wooden Pickaxe (default:pick_wood) Wooden Sword (default:sword_wood) Wooden Shovel (default:shovel_wood) Wooden Axe (default:sword_wood)
Stone Pickaxe (default:pick_stone) Stone Sword (default:sword_stone) Stone Shovel (default:shovel_stone) Stone Axe (default:sword_stone)
Steel Sword (default:sword_steel) Steel Pickaxe (default:pick_steel) Steel Shovel (default:shovel_steel) Steel Axe (default:sword_steel)
Mese Pickaxe (default:pick_mese)


Experimental blocks

These nodes are highly experimental, expect bugs!

  • Soundblock (experimental:soundblock): Emits sounds in regular intervals
  • TNT (experimental:tnt): Punch to spawn TNT entity
  • Tiled stone (experimental:tiled)
  • Tiled stair (stair:stair_tiled)
  • Tiled slab (stair:slab_tiled)
  • Tiled stair (node-aligned) (stair:stair_tiled_n)
  • Tiled slab (node-aligned) (stair:slab_tiled_n)
  • Tester Node 1 (experimental:tester_node_1): Spawned by tester tool 1 (see above)

Natural blocks

  • Dirt (default:dirt)
  • Dirt with grass (default:dirt_with_grass)
  • Dirt with grass and footsteps (default:dirt_with_grass_footsteps)
  • Mese (default:mese)
  • Sand (default:sand)
  • Sandstone (default:sandstone)
  • Clay (default:clay)
  • Gravel (default:gravel)
  • Tree (default:tree)
  • Leaves (default:leaves)
  • Apple (default:apple)
  • Stone (default:stone)
  • Stone with coal (default:stone_with_coal)
  • Stone with iron (default:stone_iron)
  • Jungle Grass (default:junglegrass)
  • Cactus (default:cactus)
  • Papyrus (default:papyrus)


  • Water (default:water_source)
  • River Water (default:river_water_source)
  • Lava (default:lava_source)

Functional blocks

  • Furnace (default:furnace)
  • Chest (default:chest)
  • Locked Chest (default:locked_chest)
  • Torch (default:torch)
  • Ladder (default:ladder)
  • Sapling (default:sapling)

Decorative blocks

  • Wooden Planks (default:wood)
  • Wooden Fence (default:fence_wood)
  • Cobble (default:cobble)
  • Mossy Cobble (default:mossycobble)
  • Brick (default:brick)
  • Bookshelf (default:bookshelf)
  • Glass (default:glass)
  • Rail (default:rail)
  • Sign (default:sign_wall)
  • Steel Block (default:steelblock)
  • Nyan Cat (default:nyancat)
  • Nyan Cat Rainbow (default:nyancat_rainbow)

Stairs and slab

  • Wooden stair (stair:stair_wood)
  • Stone stair (stair:stair_stone)
  • Cobble stair (stair:stair_cobble)
  • Brick stair (stair:stair_brick)
  • Sandstone stair (stair:stair_sandstone)
  • Wooden slab (stair:slab_wood)
  • Stone slab (stair:slab_stone)
  • Cobble slab (stair:slab_cobble)
  • Brick slab (stair:slab_brick)
  • Sandstone slab (stair:slab_sandstone)


  • Stick (default:leaves)
  • Lump of iron (default:lump_iron)
  • Lump of coal(default:coal_iron)
  • Lump of clay (default:clay_iron)
  • Steel ingot (default:steel ingot)
  • Clay brick (default:clay_brick)
  • Scorched stuff (default:scorched_stuff)
  • Paper (default:paper)
  • Book (default:book)



Entitystring: experimental:dummyball

This is just a ball which floats in the air and changes color and its armor groups randomly. You can't interact with it.

Test Entity

Entitystring: experimental:testentity

Test entity for testing animated and yaw-modulated sprites.


Entitystring: experimental:tnt

A block of TNT which is non-functional. It just falls down and just flashes, but never explodes.