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画面が暗すぎると感じる場合は、ディスプレイのガンマ値を調節してみてください。 デフォルトでは、1.0から3.0までのうち2.2に設定されています。数値が 大きい ほど明るくなります。


   display_gamma = 3.0

それでも画面が暗すぎる場合は、Minetestの設定ではなくコンピューターのディスプレイ設定を変更することで対応するべきです。もし、それでもなお輝度を上げたい場合は、Minetestの内部ファイルを編集する必要があります。 (この方法は、シェーダーが有効な場合にのみ機能します。) メモ帳などのテキストエディタで (Minetestフォルダ)/client/shaders/nodes_shader/opengl_fragment.glsl を開き、以下に示す行を検索機能等で探してください。

   vec4 base = texture2D(baseTexture, uv).rgba;


   vec4 base = texture2D(baseTexture, uv).rgba;
   float factor = 1.2;
   base.rgb *= factor;

この例では1.2を指定していますが、より大きい値を指定すると、より明るくなります。 ただし、整数値を使用する場合でも小数点を含んだ表現にしてください。たとえば、float factor = 2;と記入するのではなくfloat factor = 2.0;と記入してください。そうしなければ、エラーが表示されたり、効果が出なかったりする可能性があります。

Everything in the game is in a weird color (particularly red), looks like rainbows, can partially see through things

Turn off shaders. Shaders are not supported by your graphics card.

There is no sound under Windows

You need to download OpenAL to play sound on Windows (the file needed is [1], you need to execute the program after it has finished downloading. Firefox and Chrome users may need to either save file or keep downloading, Internet Explorer users will need to just press run. Other browsers maybe the same or different. If one browser fails, try another.)

Error messages without crashes

“Unsupported texture format”

Don’t worry, this is completely normal. Minetest will still work.

“Generating dummy image for […].png”

This means that a faulty mod or texture pack does not supply an image for an object. Minetest will still work normally, but the specified object will use a replacement image (the “dummy image”); it will be a random color. This should normally be reported to the author of the mod or texture pack.

"ERROR: No world name given or no game selected" in create world

You need to select a game name in the list box in the create world dialog.
Please before the click of the "New" (to create new world), select the icon at the bottom ! (you need choose)
- Logo minetest ( Minetest Worlds )
- Cartesian coordinates ( Minimal Development Test - Worlds )
There may be more icons available if you installed more games.


All sub-section titles in double quotes here mean that Minetest crashed with an error message like that.

Any operating system

“Minetest can not load […]/init.lua”

List of possible causes and the solution for each:

Mod directory is named incorrectly

Mod directories sometimes have an unwanted name termination. GitHub usually appends "-master" to the directory name, i.e. "modname-master". Also, mod makers may sometimes add version numbers to the name, such as "modname-v2.0" To solve this problem, simply remove the unwanted termination ("-master", "-v2.0") from the directory name and try again.

If you're unsure of the correct name: check the mod's topic title on the forum and copy the mod name which is found inside the square brackets [ ].

Invalid installation

Ensure that you installed the mod correctly (empty mod directory?), read again Installing Mods.

Still does not work

If nothing helps, it might be a problem with the mod itself. Report the error to the mod author on the mod's forum page or, if available, the mod's GitHub page. Copy and paste the section in debug.txt that starts with "=====ERROR FROM LUA=====", or any relevant line about this problem.

”attempt to index field '<any value>' (a nil value)”

These error may look like one these:

init.lua:2: attempt to index field 'settings' (a nil value)
init.lua:18: attempt to call field 'register_lbm' (a nil value)
tools.lua:61: attempt to call global 'nodeupdate' (a nil value)

The first two errors are caused by an outdated Minetest version, latter by an old mod which tries to call API functions which were removed. In the first case, you can update Minetest or try an in-development build to see whether it works. For the second case, check for mod updates or tell the author about your problem.

“Assertion '0' failed”

This is usually a mod error. Report it to the mod programmer or mod programmers. To find out the name of the mod, look for any error text directly above that gives a path to a mod's init.lua

 ERROR: An unhandled exception occurred: LuaError: error: mods/minetest/<modname>/init.lua:69: [...]

“ServerEnvironment::loadMeta(): EnvArgsEnd not found”

This means that env_meta.txt in your world folder got corrupted. Since it doesn't contain any important information you can simply delete the file and let Minetest re-create it.


“MSCP2010.dll is not found” (or similar)

This is because Microsoft C++ Redistribute Package 2010 is not installed. [2]

Minetest doesn’t even start

If it stops working before the main window even opens, and there are no error messages in debug.txt, then try restarting your computer. (sometimes it crashes with a 0x00005 error, which is caused by Windows updates.) You can try looking in debug.txt for an error message or searching for a similar article in the forums.

“what()=Access Violation”

This is caused by the Direct3D driver. To fix, go to the minetest.conf file and find:

 video_driver = direct3d9

change it so that it says:

 video_driver = opengl


I have a trackpad and I can't walk and move my head at the same time

This is a problem with the trackpad configuration in your operating system, not with Minetest - some operating systems can be configured to disable keyboard input while the trackpad is being used.

To fix under the GNOME desktop environment, install and open "gnome-tweak-tool" and open the "Keyboard & Mouse" section. Then, flip the "Disable While Typing" switch.

To fix under other platforms please search the Web for instructions on changing this setting.