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Hello, i have BIG 2 problem. Problem 1: im played game Minetest in laptop Windows 7 Ultimate with singleplayer, going build house and what hepens crashed in error message "ERROR[ServerThread]: ERROR: An unhandled exception occurred: Couldn't save env meta". Problem 2: Why flying trees in forest biome?!?!? thats wrong biome, Please fix it :( I have 1 idea: Need a save options correctly, hmmmm.... you can fix it? ^_^

How to solve this problem

Goto your 'minetest' folder and then to 'worlds', '<your world name>' and open the file 'env_meta.txt'. If the file doesn't exists, create it and fill it with the following text:

game_time = 1
time_of_day = 6000

If that did not help, move the complete minetest folder on your desktop and try there again. A possible reason for this could be the user rights system.