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This page provides an index to an extensive list of games.


Some sortable columns explained

First column

The first column (“1”) is a sorting help. It sorts the forum entries generally by date. Rows 1 and 2 are reserved for header information. Rows 3 to 10 are reserved for default games. Community supplied games start at row 11.

Second column

The second column (“x”) is a grouping by relevance to be officially included and the source they come from.

 0 = Included in the basic download 
 1 = Declared ready to be included in this forum thread
 2 = Suggested to be included in this forum thread
 3 = Mentioned in other places such as for example on IRC to be examples of games to be included.
 8 = Other games, mostly from the games thread.
11 = Games that originated as mod collections of specific servers
15 = Map based games

Game Types

The game "types" are a very rough technical categorization of the games. Currently available:


The genre of a game roughly describes the gameplay in it (if applicable):

  • Sandbox: There are no particular goals, the gameplay is mostly up to the player. If the sandbox has a notable focus, use one of the following sub-genres:
    • Survival Sandbox: This is for sandboxes with a focus on challenging gameplay. Common elements are hostile enemies, hunger, etc.
    • Creative Sandbox: A sandbox with a strong focus on creativity and no or almost no gameplay challenge. Note that Creative Mode alone does not count; the sandbox must have a strong creative aspect in the normal game mode as well
    • Space Simulation: For games in which the player travels through space (a single foreign planet doesn't count!)
  • Hack and Slay: The main focus is to battle hordes of stronger and stronger monsters or other enemies, while trying to stay alive as long as possible, killing many monsters, getting a high score, or achieving a similar goal
  • PvP: For games where the core gameplay is player-vs-player combat, either all vs all or team-based. Examples are capture the flag, deathmatch, etc.
  • RPG: For games which are itself roly-playing games (RPGs) or games which primarily (!) incorporate many gameplay elements commonly found in RPGs. This includes things like experience points, skills, quests, a story arc, many characters, dialogs, etc.
  • Puzzle: Goal is to find a solution to one or multiple given problems. This includes logic puzzles, math puzzles, thinking games, etc.
  • Arcade: Classic arcade mechanics. I.e. it's about mastering a single (usually simple) skill, and that well. Usually has multiple levels, limited lives, highscore, etc.
  • Not a game: Not a game

Date format

The date format is ISOdate for better sorting. The format would be yyyy-mm-dd. The date in Since is the oldest date associated with the game. It should give an idea of how long the game has been around. It is not the date of the last release. If possible, the date of the first entry for the game on the forum is chosen. If that information was not availiable or inconclusive the oldest date on GitHub was chosen and if that was not possible other sources searched. Especially games that started as collections on servers before they where published as games on their own right may have questionable release dates.

The list

New games should be added after line 4 at the top of the list with a rising line number.
The initial order of the game entries is thus first the games included as default,
followed by the most recently published game, with the oldest games at the bottom of the list.

1 x Code name Name Type Genre Author Web page Since Description
3 0 minetest_game Minetest Game Default Sandbox devs GitHub 2012-03-26 The default game for Minetest. In July 2014 the game Minetest-NeXT was merged into Minetest Game.
4 0 minimal Minimal development test Testing Not a game devs GitHub 2012-03-26 A minimalistic testbed
152 8 hades_revisited Hades Revisited Themed Survival Sandbox Wuzzy, Glünggi 19121 2017-12-23 You crashed on planet Hades, a volcanic planet with lava everywhere. Survive and build a nice place to live in. Continuation of Minetest Hades.
151 8 LOTH LOTH Themed Extreme Survival KGM Get It! 2017-10-13 Lord of the Rings themed Extreme Survival Game
150 8 Sudoku Sudoku Overhaul Puzzle 1248 18180 2017-06-26 A Sudoku implementation. Fill each big square with the numbers 1-9 exactly once and make sure the numbers 1-9 also occour only once in each row and column over the entire board.
149 8 Labyrinthus 1248's Labyrinthus Overhaul Puzzle 1248 17943 2017-06-21 Guide a nyan cat to the rainbow block in various puzzle levels and push blocks, trigger mechanisms, clear obstacles and solve puzzles along the way.
148 8 Bountiful-Blossoms-Halcyon-Days Bountiful Blossoms, HalcyonDays Overhaul Sandbox azekill_DIABLO 17122 2017-03-29 Fusion of many projects, scratch code and very old mods to create a complete experience.
145 8 farlands Farlands Improvement Sandbox D00med and toby109tt 16921 2017-03-08 Steampunk/fantasy themed game with dinosaurs.
144 8 Tiplanium Tiplanium Improvement Sandbox Ronan 16654 2017-02-12 Featuring the very solid Tiplanium and others such as basalt and amethyst. Developed in French, English support wip.
143 8 mineclone2 MineClone 2 MC-Clone Survival Sandbox Wuzzy, daredevils and countless others 16407 2017-01-12 This game aims to imitate Minecraft's gameplay closely. It contains a few of the major features like redstone, decorative blocks, minerals, plantations, crafts, etc. Planned non-Minecraft features are: GUI and help improvements, make it easy for modders to extend. Direct continuation of MineClone by daredevils.
142 8 Cobalt Cobalt Improvement Survival Sandbox WinkingBaby 16034 2016-12-13 A large set of mods - none include a protection system.
141 8 yentest yentest Improvement Sandbox SuperPantsofDoom 16014 2016-12-10 A collection of convenient server tools and mods and just plain cool ones.
140 8 minetest_life Minetest Life Improvement Sandbox garywhite 15981 2016-12-03 More blocks, pipes, farming and drinks.
139 8 outback Outback Themed Survival Sandbox vlapsley github 2016-11-00 A Minetest game inspired by Australia.
138 8 ocean_city Ocean City Themed Survival Sandbox Me Me and Me 15925 2016-11-21 Based on the Unternullplus mod. Survive in an endless sea.
137 15 adventus Adventus Themed Sandbox 1248 15875 2016-11-11 This game is only for the adventure maps: adventus I & adventus II
136 8 Block Land Block Land Improvement Survival Sandbox theblackwolf 15681 2016-10-14 The main goal is to unlock all achievements and basical enjoy creating things afterwards. Includes some 60 mods.
135 8 Minetest-Respin Minetest Respin Overhaul Survival Sandbox jordan4ibanez 15616 2016-10-03 An attempt to improve singleplayer as a whole.
134 8 AF8 AF8 - The Game without a name Rehash Survival Sandbox LNJ 15432 2016-08-31 Mostly a harder survival game with hunger, mobs and small details to discover.
133 8 sutratman Sutratman(was voxlegends) Overhaul Survival Sandbox kaen 15377 2016-08-19 A persistent realtime procedurally generated open world multiplayer survival roguelike RPG. Well, eventually.
132 8 grieftest Grieftest Improvement Survival Sandbox maikerumine 15207 2016-07-22 Anarchy Survival in a colorfull world of ruins. No protection whatsoever.
131 8 minetest_saturn Minetest Saturn Rehash Space Simulation Foghrye4 15081 2016-07-03 An relatively scientifically accurate space simulator game which takes place near the planet Saturn
130 8 station17 Station 17 Themed Space Simulation deaf_fish 15022 2016-06-27 You live in a space station inspired by the 2D game "Space Station 13"
129 11 marsu Minetest_MarSurvival Overhaul Survival Sandbox linushsoa 14869 2016-06-10 Make a living on Mars. Survive the harsh "weather". A game based on the marsurvive 4 mod by UjEdwin.
128 8 minesim Minesim Improvement Survival Sandbox Echoes91 14732 2016-05-24 A game with a relaxed realistic approach. Animals but no monsters. Dangers include hunger and thirst.
127 8 voxbox VoxBox Improvement Survival Sandbox azekill_DIABLO 14631 2016-05-17 Epic experiences, with a brand new inventory, funny mobs, cool armor/weapons in a pixely world, with the smooth textures of pixelbox, by JP..
126 8 regnum Regnum Overhaul Hack and Slay 1248 14571 2016-05-06 Survive in a world full of dangerous monsters and improve your tools to become stronger and stronger
125 8 formspec_viewer Formspec viewer for Minetest Testing Not a game addi bitbucket 2016-04-26 Not a game but a Formspec-Editor.
124 8 minetest_rolad Realms of light and darkness Improvement Survival Sandbox burli 14394 2016-04-08 Tries to focus more on discovering than mining, therefore extensive caves.
123 8 wasteland Wasteland TNG Improvement Survival Sandbox LNJ 14240 2016-03-20 Based on the original Wasteland by Blockmen
122 8 Minetest_TNG Minetest TNG Improvement Survival Sandbox LNJ github 2016-03-02 Lightweight game with a survival aspect, forked from Minetest NeXt.
121 8 voxellar Voxellar Improvement Survival Sandbox azekill_DIABLO 14115 2016-02-26 Gather-Hunt-Mine-Survive(Somehow)
120 8 mystic Mystic Improvement Sandbox jordan4ibanez 14069 2016-02-15 A gamemode for people who never have enough to do in minetest.
119 8 LegendofMinetest The Legend of Minetest Rehash Survival Sandbox D00Med 14051 2016-02-13 Sandbox game incorporating elements known from the The Legend of Zelda game series
118 8 extreme_survival_mini Extreme Survival Mini Improvement Survival Sandbox maikerumine github 2016-01-30 Similar to the original but way smaller and faster!
117 11 kalite Kalite Themed Survival Sandbox everamzah 13924 2016-01-20 Game used on the Lumaria server. You spawn in caves and if you dare to mine to the surface you will find it barren.
116 8 ?magic and warrion? magic and warrion Improvement Survival Sandbox tulenitata 13786 2015-12-24 A set of existing mods with heroic themes.
115 8 rpgtest rpgtest Rehash RPG cd2 13761 2015-12-20 Game with RPG elements
114 8 epicnode EpicNode Rehash RPG pinkysnow 13758 2015-12-19 A RPG/MMORPG for the minetest engine. With unblocky meshes.
113 8 aftermath Aftermath Overhaul Survival Sandbox maikerumine 13700 2015-12-06 Post-apocalyptic Fallout World
112 8 atwt A Tome With Trials Type Survival Sandbox sofar 13677 2015-12-01 WIP - Singleplayer story.
111 8 realtest_plus realtest+ Overhaul Survival Sandbox Diamond knight 13624 2015-11-22 Forked from earlier RealTest versions. With even more changes to the gameplay.
110 8 extreme_survival Extreme Survival Improvement Survival Sandbox maikerumine 13573 2015-11-13 You wake up shivering in the middle of a small town where the townsfolk seem to have lost their minds, people are fighting each other, fighting strange creatures, and now you are being attacked! (Mobs may be a bit smarter than expected. You have been warned)
109 8 dives_ruris Dives Ruris Improvement Survival Sandbox Glünggi 13525 2015-11-01 Uses mapgen version 7 and adds some own biomes. Has own dungeons. Fruits regrow and eating heals. Dogs dwell in the deep forests.
108 8 Survival_(?) Survival+ Improvement Survival Sandbox Soudon 13447 2015-10-19 Survival based with an early version of Mobs-Redo included.
107 8 minetest_next Minetest NeXt (revived) Improvement Survival Sandbox BlockMen 13383 2015-10-11 Minetest NeXt revived after the merger with Minetest-Game. Development may have ended in January 2016.
106 8 Dungeontest Dungeontest Themed Survival Sandbox Ferk 13317 2015-09-27 The underground is a maze of dungeon rooms, randomly picked from a pool of hand-crafted sets for each possible combination of doors with random content. It is possible to design own dungeon sections and add some puzzles or decorated areas.
105 8 lashsurvivor lash's Mesetint Improvement Sandbox tinoesroho 13257 2015-09-18 Tries to be "A server-friendly, easy to use gamepack." Includes a Character Creator.
104 14 uforun UfoRun Rehash Arcade cd2 13239 2015-09-15 A clone of "UfoRace" by Kenney. A sort of obstacle parcour race. As of early 2017 an unfinished community project sporting a completely different approach at gameplay and design.
103 8 Survive! Survival 0.1 Overhaul Survival Sandbox Nathan.S 13223 2015-09-02 Survival themed, along the lines of Naked and Afraid or Bear Grylls. In the finished version you'll have to cook food and purify water to survive.
102 8 pixture Pixture Rehash Survival Sandbox kaadmy 13181 2015-09-06 Simplistic sandbox with simplistic graphics, created mostly from scratch. The main goal is to provide a complete gameplay experience without mods. The world is mostly set in a temperate climate with a few unique biomes, plants, animals and a variety of trees. Tools and crafting are very low-tech, mostly based on wood, stone, coal and iron. The game also features custom inventory menus, animals, hunger, villages, trading, armor, crafting guide, weather, beds and player skins.
101 8 hungry_games_plus Hungry Games Plus Themed PvP GunshipPenguin 13114 2015-08-25 This game is a fork and improvement over The Hungry Games. Round-based “last man standing”-style game. Players spawn in a large glass arena with chests containing food, melee and ranged weapons. Players have to survive hunger, thirst and attacks from other players. The last surviving player wins.
100 8 dcb dcb server Sandbox everamzah 12968 2015-08-05 Game of the Amhi Server
99 8 minetest-australopithecus Australopithecus improvement Survival Sandbox BobbyBonsaimind 12889 2015-07-23 Leaving the camp and going into the wilderness should always be an adventure. Custom mapgen with vast biomes, high mountains and deep oceans. Includes ramp-like-nodes.
98 8 zelda Legend of Test Themed Sandbox petra2201 12850 2015-07-19 Based on a texturepack about Legends of Zelda
96 11 ayntest_game ayntest Server Sandbox ayntest et al. github 2013-05-02 Libertyland server
95 8 carbone-ng Carbone NG Improvement Sandbox Calinou 12824 2015-07-15 Carbone NG is an improved minetest_game. It features many popular mods, renewed textures and improved default settings.
93 8 Voxiworld_game Voxiworld Improvement Sandbox DevynCJohnson 12568 2015-06-11 Voxiworld is a combination of existing Minetest mods and new code/mods including a collection of mobs.
91 8 space_test Space Test Themed Survival Sandbox cd2 12852 2015-06-01 You are on an other planet and you need to survive there.
90 8 Test-The-Beast Test the beast Improvement Sandbox Miner59 12180 2015-05-18 This game includes some mods with useful tools and machines (among others, cropped versions of Technic and Home-Decor). It also recommends mapgen v7 as paragenv7 is included.
89 8 ultimatetest ultimatetest Improvement Sandbox Diamond knight 11901 2015-04-21 Changes to basic tool crafting and adding the concept of a crafting axe.
88 8 progress Progress Improvement Sandbox CProgrammerRU GitHub 2015-06-02 There are links to this github repository on IRC from April 4th or earlier. This game includes three different mob mods.
87 8 JuJuCast JuJu Cast - The Diaspora Improvement Sandbox maier.nathan 11731 2015-04-05 This game is a fork of Minetest Game with capture the flag mods and shaman mods added.
86 15 stampy_game stampy MC-Clone Sandbox Morn76 GitHub 2015-03-22 A game built for Stampy's Lovely World Map with many Minecraft-like improvements (animals, googlies, blocks, textures, tools,…)
85 8 grand_theft_minetest Grand Theft Minetest Themed Sandbox tima_gt 11551 2015-03-21 Play in a GTA themed world decorated by paramat's grid-noise streets
84 8 MineClone MineClone MC-Clone Survival Sandbox davedevils 11467 2015-03-13 This game aims to imitate Minecraft closely. It contains a few of the major features like redstone, the game modes (creative or adventure), decorative blocks, minerals, plantations, crafts ...
83 8 spiffy Spiffy Improvement Sandbox poet.nohit 11422 2015-03-06 Huge caverns in the underground, where water evaporates near the bedrock.
82 8 buildyourworld Build your World Skyblock Creative Sandbox Thermal_Shock 11371 2015-03-02 "Grow" your blocks to build your world
81 8 fractured Fractured Themed Sandbox Kilarin 11346 2015-02-27 A rift goes through a world, splitting it into a peaceful east, poor in minerals and a wild west, rich in ore.
80 8 empty Empty Minimalistic Not a game Wuzzy 11164 2015-02-06 contains no mods. For building and testing purpose. Unplayable by itself!
79 8 Minetest Defense Minetest Defense Themed Hack and Slay Kalabasa 11030 2015-01-16 Players must build and defend a fortress against increasing waves of monsters to survive.
78 8 Apocalypse Survival Apocalypse Survival Themed Survival Sandbox kddekadenz 10965 2015-01-10 See the world turn to ashes, as the sun comes closer to the planet. Gather food and resources and build an underground base to survive.
77 8 grail_test GrailTest Themed Sandbox afflatus 10941 2015-01-07 WIP. Find the Grail in a world of magical pseudo-realism.
76 8 clanwars Clan Wars Overhaul PvP sparky 10900 2015-01-03 Based on the City vs City game with some mods changed to be more medieval-ish.
75 8 Minetest_Hades Minetest Hades Themed Survival Sandbox Glünggi 10801 2014-12-21 Your colonyship has crashed on the planet Hades, a barren world with high vulcanic activity. Make the planet habitable to survive.
74 8 dystopia dYSToPiA Themed Survival Sandbox Merlin 10751 2014-12-14 Based on the Wasteland game, including the canyon Mapgen and adding some oil to the landscape.
73 8 Crevis Crevis Improvement Sandbox Niften 10677 2014-12-03 This game was part of the Crevis project. It includes Niften's Feightstone and some new ores such as Alexandrite, Amber, Amethyst and Aquamarine.
72 8 mineZ mineZ Themed Survival Sandbox davidthecreator 10647 2014-11-29 This is a mt game similar to dayZ. It includes some monsters, zombie soldiers and a variety of weapons.
71 8 rebooted_game Rebooted Improvement Sandbox HunterX689 10520 2014-11-02 This game mode adds lanterns, pumpkins, trapdoors, better trees, better textures.
70 8 Magichet Magichet Overhaul Survival Sandbox 4aiman 10507 2014-10-30 Magichet, "The Bundled Update" for MT. A game which utilizes some poltergeist and some industry within ethereal realm.
69 8 weird Weird Themed Survival Sandbox Wuzzy 10369 2014-10-15 Weird is a WIP game for Minetest 0.4.10 which contains a lot of obscure, useless, strange or funny mods, while still being a playable game. Currently it is mostly a sandbox, but the goal is to make a full-blown challenging RPG-like game with less focus and sandbox elements.
68 8 Clonecraft Clonecraft MC-Clone Sandbox SAMIAMNOT 10310 2014-10-07 This is a game meant to be sort of a lightweight version on Overcraft Origins, as it has many mods that add things that are in Minecraft but is based off of RPi. I basically did nothing but add more mods to RPi! Was "Minecraft-like lightweight game v0.4.2[Minecraft]", will be renamed to "Clonecraft".
67 8 minetestcraft MineTestCraft MC-Clone Sandbox Fritigern GitHub 2014-10-05 A game for Minetest, intended to have a familiar feel to people migrating from Minecraft.
66 2 tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Not a game Wuzzy 10192 2014-09-24 Step-by-step introduction to Minetest for complete beginners. Includes a predesigned, castle-sized world.
65 8 shadow_game shadow_game Improvement Sandbox shadowzone 10148 2014-09-18 This game basically adds one new mod "shadow_mod" which adds a szblock and new textures made by crazyginger72. It's very simple since it's the first game made by crazyginger72.
64 8 Infinite Adventure Infinite Adventure Improvement Sandbox jordan4ibanez 10125 2014-09-17 This is a game mode which goal is to polish the default mechanics and aesthetics, while adding on things.
63 8 lux_solis Lux Solis Improvement Sandbox philipbenr 10003 2014-08-27 Lux Solis is a game of Minetest that is set on making a beautiful game, while still having interactive and fun parts.
62 8 Wakefield Wakefield Improvement Survival Sandbox the_rouge_pilot 9992 2014-08-25 It has: Guns, Zombies, Villages, an Ammo Can, and a plethora of other mods.
61 8 minibase_game MiniBASE Improvement Sandbox Krock 9647 2014-06-30 A not too heavy base for modding, compatible to Minetest Game, with easily overviewable codes, some new functions, (ex. player models), several utilities and using all available nodes while removing the unused.
60 11 cg72_game cg72_game Server Sandbox crazyginger72 github 2014-06-08 Reorganized mod structure and additions merged with default content. Includes functions usefull to run as server game. May be still work in progress.
59 8 Virus3 Virus3 Themed Survival Sandbox sazonov.pavlik73 9457 2014-06-07 New version of the game "virus". Purpose: write /spawnentity creatures:zombie and kill zombie. Zombie hp max=1002.
58 8 riventest Riventest Themed Creative Sandbox Wuzzy/mauvebic 9446 2014-06-05 Based on the Riventest modpack by mauvebic. The game provides a basic set of blocks and catwalks and other decorational nodes, inspired by the game Riven.
57 8 Minetest Preindustrial Minetest Preindustrial Themed Sandbox Enki 9433 2014-06-03 This game, does not feature any modern era nodes or tools, thus it is aimed at those players who would like to build ancient times / classic era / medieval structures.
56 8 Nicklitest Nicklitest Improvement Survival Sandbox sazonov.pavlik73 9300 2014-05-17 Includes armors, dynamite sorts, adds malachite, lazyrite, v, ametesty, tapaz and uses the creatures mod for Mobs: zombie, ghost and sheep.
55 8 Roman Test Roman Test Improvement Sandbox Snater6927 9256 2014-05-06 “just want to create some fun within Minetest for people without skimming through the Minetest Forum til' they find something.”
54 1 Sky-Test_game SkyTest Themed Survival Sandbox HeroOfTheWinds 9255 2014-05-06 Skylands throughout the whole world-space. Including some flying devices.
52 3 Rpi Rpi – Free your Art Server Sandbox Megaf 9192 2014-04-27 Designed to work on low end machines as server such as Raspberry Pis. Running with client as in Singleplayer may need slightly better Hardware.
51 2 Adventuretest Adventuretest Improvement Survival Sandbox BrandonReese 9184 2014-04-27 Includes a skills and experience system.
50 1 minetest_next Minetest NeXt Improvement Sandbox BlockMen 9066 2014-04-14 This game was thought as basic branch of Minetest-game that included new developments. In July 2014 it was merged with Minetest-game in the Minetest release version 0.4.10 and will not be developed further as an individual Minetest game. Development has shifted to Minetest-game.
49 3 BFD Big Freaking Dig Rehash Survival Sandbox Jordach 9036 2014-04-12 Tries to emulate the feeling of a MC modpack, but in game form. Also includes never before seen things.
48 1 carbone Carbone Improvement Sandbox Calinou 9033 2014-04-11 Aims for more balanced gameplay.
47 3 overgen_game Minimalistic overgen game Mapgen Sandbox Krock 8929 2014-03-29 Based on the overgen mapgenerator
46 11 Craig-Server_game Craig's Server game Server Sandbox CraigyDavi GitHub 2014-03-16 Game based on Minetest Game. Started as mod collection for Craig's Server. (7010)
45 2 nodetopia Nodetopia Overhaul Sandbox PilzAdam GitHub 2013-12-01 Voxel-oriented; survival-ish; not finished (based on Pilztest).
44 2 realtest Realtest Revamped Overhaul Survival Sandbox Dan Duncombe 7573 2013-10-30 Some major changes to the gameplay offer a pretty different experience and this game, which is developed in two different branches, is often used to demonstrate that the game can be made to differ from the default game a lot.
43 3 overcraft_origins Overcraft Origins MC-Clone Sandbox jojoa1997 7427 2013-10-14 A Minecraft-like game, based on MiniTest.
42 2 Wasteland Wasteland Themed Survival Sandbox BlockMen 7243 2013-09-18 Post apocalyptic themed.
41 2 Eden2 Eden2 Overhaul Survival Sandbox Neuromancer 7027 2013-08-25 This game tries to create a very detailed and diverse flora among other things. While producing very pleasing landscapes, the full version is compared to others rather large and map generating can be very demanding on the hardware side.
40 3 mt_nostalgia Minetest Nostalgia Overhaul Sandbox Dan Duncombe 6977 2013-08-20 Tries to recreate the look and feel of Minetest 0.3.1 (Classic) while using a more recent version of the Minetest-engine.
39 8 capturetheflag CaptureTheFlag Overhaul PvP rubenwardy [1] 2013-08-17 Supports capture-the-flag style games and City-vs-City games.
37 3 OCD OCD Overhaul Sandbox Bas080 6636 2013-07-20 This game focusses obsessively on emergent gameplay. Having certain materials allows for more crafts and more complex designs and functions within the map. To show emergents, the game has a unique texture system. The textures visually represent the complexity of the crafts.
36 8 Decoblocks Decoblocks Rehash Creative Sandbox Thermal_Shock 6420 2013-07-01 Previously Hunter-Gatherer. Focused on providing more building options.
35 3 technic_game Technic Overhaul Survival Sandbox RealBadAngel 6412 2013-06-30 Focuses around the Technic mods.
34 1 Voxelgarden Voxelgarden Improvement Survival Sandbox Casimir 6346 2013-06-22 Voxelgarden aims to be compatible with most of the mods for Minetest Game (the main game). It's focus is on a basic gameplay with more survival features. Previously known as nodetest.
33 3 minetest_plus Minetest+ Improvement Sandbox BlockMen 6244 2013-06-12 Minetest Game plus improvements.
32 8 Famish Famish Improvement Survival Sandbox qznc 6012 2013-05-16 Survival with stone age and some mobs.
31 8 zombies_game Zombie Survival Themed Survival Sandbox Dan Duncombe 6696 2013-05-09 Zombie themed, always night.
30 8 minetestblack Minetest Black Improvement Sandbox jordan4ibanez 5639 2013-04-16 Not developed anymore, copy still available. Includes a node gun, power tools, anvil for repairing tools and graveyards.
29 3 LordofTheTest Lord Of The Test Themed Survival Sandbox fishyWET 5578 2013-04-12 Based on themes of the fictional fantasy world described in the "Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien.
28 8 0gb.us_game 0gb.us_game Improvement Sandbox 5375 2013-04-01 0gb.us_game aims to provide tools for servers to allow users to manage themselves, as well as a few tools for administration and moderation. May be outdated.
27 8 moontest Moontest Themed Survival Sandbox Zsoltisawesome GitHub 2013-03-27 (Back from the Dead!) A Lunar GameMode. Forumpage at 5305 with links to legacy complete Minetest builds with the game included and screenshots.
25 8 hungry_games The Hungry Games Themed PvP Splizard 4582 2013-01-26 Round-based “last man standing”-style game. Players spawn in a large glass arena with chests containing food, melee and ranged weapons. Players have to survive hunger, thirst and attacks from other players. The last surviving player wins. The idea is based on the 2012 movie “The Hunger Games”.
23 3 minimal Minimal Minimalistic Sandbox PilzAdam 3441 2012-10-19 Even more minimalstic than the official minimal development test.
22 8 Cubes Cubes Improvement Creative Sandbox Josh 3298 2012-10-05 Adds a variety of mods and a menu background plus a texture pack (Gridtoon). Might be outdated.
21 8 simple Simple Improvement Sandbox Bas080 3242 2012-09-29 A game that focuses on game play and immersion.
20 8 Techduck Techduck Overhaul Survival Sandbox jordan4ibanez 3174 2012-09-24 Has an experience system. Includes Technic and Mesecons. May be outdated.
19 8 PilzTest PilzTest Improvement Sandbox PilzAdam 3119 2012-09-18 Minetest Game with some changes; outdated (Base of Nodetopia).
18 3 dwarves Dwarves Overhaul Sandbox Mito551 3003 2012-09-09 Tries to recreate a fantasy world look and feel.
17 8 minetest_avatar Avatar Themed Sandbox tonyka 2845 2012-08-23 Like Pandora.
15 8 m13game M13's Minecraft Classic For Minetest MC-Clone Survival Sandbox madchicken13 2742 2012-08-09 Like Minecraft Classic Survival mode.
14 3 realtest The RealTest Game Overhaul Survival Sandbox sda97 2671 2012-08-04 Original version.
13 3 Minitest MiniTest MC-Clone Survival Sandbox PilzAdam 2589 2012-07-28 Very simple Minecraft “clone”. Development in main branch may have stopped around August 2013. Some more recent mods may not work with this game.
11 8 Farmtest-SDZ Farmtest-SDZ Improvement Sandbox sdzen 1564 2012-04-06 Farmtest-SDZ is a menagerie of mods from the past and future which aim to carve out an existence together. This Gamemode will mainly focus on basic farming and usability.