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Mbox important.png This is an unofficial list of mods. It is incomplete and very outdated.
Do not rely on it to find the latest mods. Use the ContentDB or the forums to find mods instead.
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This is a legacy page that provides an incomplete, outdated list of mods.


“Official” mods

See Minetest Game.

Please note that Minetest Game is a very basic game (actually a sandbox). Add the mods you like in order to get the gameplay you want! Modding is an integral part of Minetest Game.

Mods listed by category

There is a wide variety of different mods of all kinds available in the [mod releases] and [modding general] part of the [Minetest forum]. This section here aims to provide an overview over all those mods. Mods may be listed in multiple categories. Documentation can usually be found in the first posting in the thread linked. If you have questions or problems with any mod, the mod's linked thread is also the best place to ask for help about that particular mod.

Community mods

Name Short name Author Description Forum thread Category
Simple Mobs mobs PilzAdam Adds mobs (currently two passive mobs, five hostile mobs). 3063 Mobs
MOB Framework Modpack mobf Sapier Adds a large number of mobs and a mob framework. It contains movement patterns, environment definitions, spawn algorithms and much more. 629 Mobs
Mesecons Modpack mesecons Jeija and many contributers Adds Mesecons (wires, power sources, switches...). The mesecons website ( has more information (Microcontroller, Gates, Tutorials, Craft recipes)! 628 Industrialization
Technic Modpack technic RealBadAngel Adds some technic stuff. Technic info and recipes page [1] 2538 Industrialization
Map Tools maptools Calinou Adds some “map tools” that can be useful for creating custom maps or preventing griefing on multiplayer servers. 1882 Server
More Ores moreores Calinou Adds silver and Mithril. Also adds three new sets of tools and swords. 549 Building
More Blocks moreblocks Calinou Adds several decorative blocks to the game. 509 Building
Carts carts PilzAdam Adds minecarts. 2451 Vehicles
WorldEdit worldedit sfan5 Adds an Ingame-World Editor. 572 Maintenance
Nature Pack nature neko259 Adds growing flowers, junglegrass, bushes, cacti, papyrus. Cobble turns into moss. 729 Nature
Farming Plus farming_plus PilzAdam Extents the default farming. 2787 Nature
Advanced area protection areas ShadowNinja Adds commands for area protection. (mod based on node_ownership) 7239 Maintenance
markers markers Sokomine Adds a gui for areas mod. 124128 Maintenance
Unified Inventory unified_inventory RealBadAngel Extends the player's inventory. 12767 Misc
Prestibags prestibags Prestidigitator Simple bags that act like chests you can pick up. 5026 Misc
Wardrobe wardrobe Prestidigitator Simple node-based skin changer. 9680 Building
LuaCmd luacmd Prestidigitator Adds /lua chat command for in-game execution of Lua code (debugging). 9671 Misc
BlockExport blockexport Prestidigitator Exports block node data in OBJ format 9948 Maintenance
Exertion exertion Prestidigitator Provides alternate exertion, food, water, poison, and healing mechanics (relatively non-lethal) 11740 Misc
Security security Prestidigitator Creates a transparent sandboxed Lua environment for Minetest, restricting other mods' access to the OS, filesystem, and debug capabilities. 11829 Misc
LuaConfig luaconfig Prestidigitator Really easy Lua-based configuration settings for other mods. 12040 Misc
IRC irc kaeza & ShadowNinja Connects game chat to an arbitrary IRC channel. 3905 Maintenance
Disable sneak glitch no_sneak_glitch Wuzzy This mod disables the sneak bug for all players automatically when they join. 10424 Misc
Basic_robots Basic_robots rnd Robots that can do almost everything 15850 Building, Industrialization
TurtleMiner turtleminer BiLachner & octacian Adds usable and soon programmable turtles. 15689 Learning

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