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Lord of the Test
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A game
Game Type Themed
Author fishyWET, Amaz
Forum topic 5578
Source code GitHub

About the game

Lord of the Test is a game for Minetest that will add Lord of the Rings like elements into the Minetest game. It is currently in beta form which means that the main features are completed, however there will be some bugs here and there.

  • Discussions on the game are done in the Minetest forumpage and on the freenode irc channel #lordofthetest.
  • The most recent version of the game can be found on GitHub
  • This game has its own wiki which can be found on [1]


One of the main features of the game is the rich landscape with a lot of diversions, depending on the area you're in. A detailed introduction in the regions of Middle-earth can be found on the Biomes page.


To make the look & feel more like Lord of the Rings, a lot of armor is put into the game. This armor is not only for the players, several ingame npc's also wear armor. More information on armor can be found on the Armor page.