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A mod
Mod Type Maintenance
Author Prestidigitator
Forum topic 9948
Source code GitHub
Technical name blockexport

This mod defines a new chat command "/exportblock" which writes 3D node data of the player's current 80x80x80 node block to a file. The chat command requires the "export" privilege, also defined by the mod.

Data is exported in Wavefront OBJ format, to a file named "<prefix><bx>-<by>-<bz><suffix>", where <prefix> is the configurable string FILE_PREFIX defaulting to "block_", <suffix> is the configurable string FILE_SUFFIX defaulting to ".obj", and <bx>, <by>, and <bz> are the (minimum) x, y, and z coordinates of the exported block, with negative values prefixed by an "m" character rather than a minus sign. For example, with the default values blocks close to the origin might be exported as "block_0-0-0.obj" and "block_m80-m80-m80.obj".

The entire block is exported as a single mesh, with internal faces between adjoining blocks removed. The mesh object's origin will be at the world origin, while the vertex coordinates will be located at their corresponding locations within the block.


Mod Details

Required Minetest Version: >= 0.4.9

Dependencies: none

New Privileges: export


  • /exportblock
    • Requires "export" privilege. Takes no parameters. Exports nodes from the player's current 80x80x80 node block named in EXPORT_NODES.

Note: The default configuration has a soft dependency on wool simply because it lists some "wool:..." node types as the ones to export. See the EXPORT_NODES configuration variable.

Change History

Version 1.0

  • Released 2014-08-17
  • Known issue: Adjoining planar faces may not be joined at all vertices and edges due to the way they are divided into rectangular strips.
  • Known issue: May need to be mirrored in most modeling programs due to Minetest/OpenGL's non-standard left-handed coordinate system.

Copyright and Licensing

All contents are the original creations of the mod author.

Author: Prestidigitator

License: WTFPL (all content)

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