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A mod
Type Industrialization
Author Jeija, Mesecon-team
Latest version ?
Forum topic 5263
Source code GitHub
Bower name digilines
Technical name digilines
The minetest counterpart for bus systems like i2c, SPI, RS232, USB -

This mods adds digital bus nodes that lets other nodes (most importantly the LuaControllers) communicate. Any data, including tables (and functions, in some versions) may be sent through such bus. It also adds several example nodes, more are available in other mods.

Included objects

  • RTC (Real Time Clock): send “GET” to request current time
  • LCD (text display): send arbitrary text to display it (latin-only)
  • Light Sensor: send “GET” to request current light level
  • Digiline Chest (non-locked only): informs on each operation; no requests are supported

Mods supporting digilines

The two large, well-maintained mods that support digilines well are:

There is also plenty of small (and often buggy) mods available on the forum, GitHub, etc.

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