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Farming Plus
A mod
Mod Type Nature
Author PilzAdam
Latest version ?
Forum topic 2787
Source code GitHub
Technical name farming_plus

Farming Plus is a Minetest mod created by PilzAdam that extents the default farming in Minetest Game. Last isues fixed for minetest version 0.4.10 in July 2014.

Content Overview

  • Banana tree (sapling, leaves); bananas
  • Carrot; seeds
  • Cocoa tree (sapling, uses banana leaves); cocoa beans, cocoa (fruit)
  • Orange (bushes?); seeds
  • Potato; seeds
  • Pumpkin; seeds, big pumpkin, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake
  • Rhubarb; seeds
  • Strawberry; seeds
  • Tomato; seeds
  • Weed
  • scarecrow
  • overides some nodes of farming by sapier and adds resources to the food mod by rubenwardy