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Farming Redo
A mod
Mod Type Nature
Author TenPlus1 and contributers
Latest version ?
Forum topic 9019
Source code NotaBug
Technical name farming

Farming Redo is a Minetest mod created by TenPlus1 based on the Farming mod in Minetest Game that adds many new and decorative plants to the game of which many can be consumed by the player directly or processed to some other food or resource. This mod includes and over rides many if not all farm related functions within Minetest Game. As thus it is not designed to run alongside the farming mod of minetest game but rather overrides it and replaces all functions by own code during runtime.

An overview of some of the plants

Content Overview

Plants and their Products

  • Barley; Barley Seed
  • Green Beans; Bean Pole (place on soil before planting beans)
  • Beetroot; Beetroot Soup
  • Blueberries; Blueberry Muffin, Blueberry Pie
  • Carrot; Golden Carrot
  • Chili; Chili Pepper, Bowl of Chili
  • Cocoa; Cocoa Beans, Cookie, Bar of Dark Chocolate
  • Coffee; Coffee Beans, Drinking Cup (empty), Cold Cup of Coffee, Hot Cup of Coffee
  • Corn; Corn on the Cob, Bottle of Ethanol
  • Cotton; Cotton Seed
  • Cucumber
  • Donut; Chocolate Donut, Apple Donut
  • Garlic; Garlic clove, Garlic Braid
  • Grapes; Trellis (place on soil before planting grapes)
  • Hemp; Hemp Seed, Hemp Leaf, Bottle of Hemp Oil, Hemp Fibre, Hemp Rope
  • Melon; Melon Slice
  • Onion
  • Peas; Pea Pod, Pea Soup
  • Pepper; Peppercorn, Ground Pepper
  • Pinapple; Pineapple Top, Pineapple Ring, Pineapple Juice
  • Potato; Baked Potato, Potato Salad
  • Pumpkin; Pumpkin Slice, Jack 'O Lantern, Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Dough
  • Raspberries; Raspberry Smoothie
  • Rhubarb, Rhubarb Pie
  • Sugar (from Papyrus), Salt (from cooking water)
  • Tomato
  • Wheat; Wheat Seed, Straw, Flour, Bread


  • Wooden Bowl
  • Sauce Pan
  • Cooking Pot
  • Backing Tray
  • Skillet
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Cutting Board
  • Juicer
  • Glass mixing Bowl


  • overides to Soil, Wet Soil, Grass
  • Hoes; Wooden Hoe, Stone Hoe, Steel Hoe, Bronze Hoe, Mese Hoe, Diamond Hoe
  • Seed

Table of Plants

Plant Name Stages Item Itemstring
Farming barley 7 (farming redo).png Barley 7 Farming barley.png farming:barley
Farming beanpole 5 (farming redo).png Beans (green) 5 Farming beans (farming redo).png farming:beans
Farming beetroot 5 (farming redo).png Beetroot 5 Farming beetroot (farming redo).png farming:beetroot
Farming blueberry 4 (farming redo).png Blueberries 4 Farming blueberries (farming redo).png farming:blueberry
Farming carrot 8 (farming redo).png Carrot 8 Farming carrot (farming redo).png farming:carrot
Farming chili 8 (farming redo).png Chili 8 Farming chili pepper (farming redo).png farming:chili
Farming cocoa 4 (farming redo).png Cocoa 4 Farming cocoa beans (farming redo).png farming:cocoa
Farming coffee 5 (farming redo).png Coffee 5 Farming coffee beans (farming redo).png farming:coffee
Farming corn 8 (farming redo).png Corn 8 Farming corn (farming redo).png farming:corn
Farming cotton 8 (farming redo).png Cotton 8 Farming cotton (farming redo).png farming:cotton
Farming cucumber 4 (farming redo).png Cucumber 4 Farming cucumber (farming redo)r.png farming:cucumber
Crops garlic plant 5 (farming redo).png Garlic 5 Crops garlic (farming redo).png farming:garlic
Farming grapes 8 (farming redo).png Grapes 8 Farming grapes (farming redo).png farming:grapes
Farming hemp 8 (farming redo).png Hemp 8 Farming hemp leaf (farming redo).png farming:hemp
Farming melon top (farming redo).png Melon 8 Farming melon slice (farming redo).png farming:melon
Crops onion plant 5 (farming redo).png Onion 5 Crops onion (farming redo).png farming:onion
Crops pepper plant 5 (farming redo).png Pepper 5 Crops pepper (farming redo).png farming:pepper
Farming pineapple 8 (farming redo).png Pineapple 8 Farming pineapple (farming redo).png farming:pineapple
Farming potato 4 (farming redo).png Potato 4 Farming potato (farming redo).png farming:potato
Farming pea 5 (farming redo).png Peas 5 Farming pea peas (farming redo).png farming:peas
Farming pumpkin 8 (farming redo).png Pumpkin 8 Farming pumpkin top (farming redo).png farming:pumpkin
Farming raspberry 4 (farming redo).png Raspberries 4 Farming raspberries (farming redo).png farming:raspberry
Farming rhubarb 3 (farming redo).png Rhubarb 3 Farming rhubarb (farming redo).png farming:rhubarb
Farming tomato (farming redo).png Tomato 8 Farming tomato 8 (farming redo).png farming:tomato
Farming wheat 8 (farming redo).png Wheat 8 Farming wheat (farming redo).png farming:wheat