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An anthill is one of the biomes of Not So Simple Mobs. Not So Simple Mobs transforms Minetest's default dungeons into dangerous anthills, in which ant workers, ant soldiers, and ant queens live. An anthill is like a kind of big room and also has some small rooms that are built from ant blocks and ant dirt. They may be different sizes. The inside is dark. You need to light an anthill by using any light, such as torches or mese post lights.. You may be able to find some stores of apples that ants purposely hide for private eating.

In addition to this if you use also NSSB exploring the forests and plains you are going to find some anthills built by the ants!


Example of Anthill (NSSB)

Types of mobs

There are 3 types of mobs in anthills. The ant queen is the boss here.