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Spiderduck (nssm).png
A mob in Not So Simple Mobs
Health 24-35 Heart.png
Armor Armor.pngArmor.png
Damage Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png
Drops Duck legs

Life Energy Web Duck beak

Entitystring nssm:spiderduck

In creative mode you can spawn Spiderduck with Spiderduck egg

Spiderducks have evolved from Enderducks to become more similar to the spiders. They have a dark skin and 8 legs, but the body is the one of a duck.
Even if they are not bosses they are extremely dangerous! In fact if you don't know what to expect from a spiderduck you can easily fall in its web and become a tasteful snack! Spiderducks spawn only at night and because of their dark color they are able to easily blend with the environment. If a spiderduck sees you it starts shooting at you web projectiles. When they hit the target a sticky web covers the soil trapping the victims. And if you have been trapped then expect the spiderduck to come at you and to eat you!