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Simple Mobs
A mod
Type Mobs
Author PilzAdam
Forum topic 3063
Source code GitHub
Bower name mobs
Technical name mobs

Simple mobs is a Minetest mod created by PilzAdam to introduce mobs into the game, for the purpose of increasing the difficulty of playing.



This mod depends on default and fire.


The source code, graphics and models are licensed under WTFPL. The models are created by Pavel_S.


Browse the code at GitHub or download the zip file.

Minetest's damage system

The damage system in Minetest is more complex than just hold down the left mouse button. After the first punch, your hand or weapon has a "reload" time. This is 1 second for most weapons. After the reload time, the player can punch again.

Lists of mobs

Friendly mobs

Hostile mobs


The following options are available, add them to minetest.conf to enable the options.

  • only_peaceful_mobs = true — all hostile mobs will despawn
  • display_mob_spawn = true — a message will be shown in the chat when a mob spawns


You can use the API of simple mobs in your own mods if you have it installed. The documentation of all functions you can use is at here. See the init.lua file in the mod to have some examples of the usage.

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