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A mod
Type Decorations, Furniture
Author jp aka kilbith
Latest version 2017-04-09
Forum topic Forum
Source code GitHub
Technical name xdecor



This is the documentation about the mod xdecor (Forum, github) by kilbith/jp ,
a fairly small and simple, but well-featured collection of items, decorations and furniture.

It is a lightweight alternative to HomeDecor and MoreBlocks.

Forks: krock/smalljoker


This picture shows most of the items that come with the mod; Xdecor-items


Some categories overlap, eg, the workbench also has a small storage capacity,
containers are also furniture, and many things can be used as decorations.


Items with useful functions, not 'tools for the hotbar'.

  • Workbench - Cuts blocks, repairs items, See also 'details' below
  • Hammer - to repair other items
  • Enchanting table - upgrade items (more speed or more durability)
  • Mailbox (dropbox) - receive items from other players (for mail: write books)
  • Wardrobe - set skin


  • Artifical hive - bees collect honey from nearby flowers (range 4).
  • Cauldron - needs water, fire, 2+ fooditems to make soup
  • Bowl - to take soup from a cauldron
  • Barrel


  • Rope - can be lowered down a cliff or wall, and climbed like a ladder.
  • Ivy - 'cheap ladder', made from leaves. Place them on walls.
  • Trampoline - damage from falling on a trampoline gets reduced by 80%
  • see also cushions, below


  • Barricade - deals damage: 4 HP/sec
  • Cobweb - slows


All doors cannot be locked !

  • Woodglass door
  • Japanese door
  • Slide door
  • Screen door
  • Prison door
  • Rusty prison door
  • Lever - opens doors and trapdoors within range 2
  • Wooden pressure plate - like lever
  • Stone pressure plate - dito


  • Candle - a nicer looking torch
  • Lantern
  • Wooden lightbox
  • Iron lightbox


  • Sign: wood
  • Roadsign: green, blue
  • Direction sign: green, black, wood - change direction with rightclick
  • Stele: stone, sandstone, desertstone - 3 lines of text, useful as milestones or tombstones
  • Poster: 16 lines of text


All these containers cannot be locked !

  • Half wooden cabinet - half height
  • Wooden cabinet - full height
  • Empty Shelf
  • Multi-Shelf - texture with misc. items
  • Wood framed glass - 'trophy case'
  • Item frame - looks like a picture on the wall, 'stores' one item
  • Enderchest - all such chests of a player connect to the same storage
ie. you can have one enderchest at home, and carry another in your inventory,
and if you need to access your stuff, just place the 'mobile' chest on the ground.
  • (Workbench) - can also store 16 items


  • Chair - simple chair, only one texture
  • Table - dito
  • red cushion (half height) - half damage from falling
  • Cushion block (full height)
  • red curtains - can be opened and closed
  • Tatami - carpet


Wall-clocks that show the in-game time of day.

  • analog: white, frameless, frameless-gold, frameless-white
  • digital: red, green


  • Bamboo frame - to fill an opening (like glass in a window).
  • Wood frame - dito
  • Potted flowers (6 colors)
  • Painting - shows a random picture (that gets set when painting is placed)
  • Television - cycles thru some random pictures
  • Chess-board - functional, for 2 players. Checks for legal moves.

Building blocks

  • Chain link (wire mesh) - use like glass or wood/bamboo frame
  • Hardened clay - can be used as 'white stone'
  • Packed ice
  • Wooden tile - thin slices of these make a nice floor-pattern
  • Cactus brick
  • Moon brick
  • Runestone
  • Stone tile
  • Coal stone tile
  • Desert stone tile
  • Garden stone path



The workbench can cut whole blocks into several shapes (like a mini-circular saw),
and it can slowly repair items using a hammer.
The hammer gets consumed during repair. The workbench also acts as a chest for 16 items.


The cauldron can produce a soup.
A bowl is needed to get the finished soup out of the cauldron.


  • Use a water-bucket to fill the cauldron with water.
  • Light a fire under the cauldron (wood + flint).
  • Drop 2 or more food-items into the cauldron.
  • Wait until done, then take soup out.

Fooditems (default + xdecor):

  • apple
  • mushroom
  • wheat
  • bread
  • honey

Fooditems (animal-mobs):

  • chicken
  • egg
  • meat

Fooditems (farming):

  • beans
  • berries
  • carrot
  • corn
  • cucumber
  • grapes
  • melon
  • potato
  • pumpkin
  • rhubarb
  • tomato