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New blocks

xtraores modpack [xtraores] by davidthecreator

"Adds platinum, cobalt, osminum, adamantite, rarium, antracite, unobtanium, tatanium, geminium and marble blocks."

Army Stuff!!! [Army Stuff] by davidthecreator

"This mod adds barbed wire, sandbags, ration packs and airdrop crate."

BlockMen [BlockMen] by pithy

"This mod adds a BlockMen companion block for those who miss BlockMen."

Gem tools [Gem tools] by LionLAD

"This mod adds rubie, sapphire, emerald, and amethyst blocks."

Simply Candles Mod [candle] by Dan Duncombe

"This mod adds just that- candles."

Glow Blocks [glowblocks] by Excalibur Zero

"This mod adds several nodes that emit light. It includes Glow Blocks that are animated to have a glow-like effect. It also includes Light Blocks which are normal blocks (dirt, stone, and grass) that emit light, light boxes also work with all normal texture changes to Dirt, Stone, and Grass blocks. It also adds Light Block Panels, which can be used to make paths, and other similar things."

xPanes [xpanes] by xyz

"Just glass panes that (try to) mimic Minecraft's glass panes (with correct collisions)"

Usesdirt [usesdirt] by Dogzilla131

Decorative fences, tools and other nodes made out of dirt.

Iron Bars mod [xbar] by Melkor

Iron Bars [iron_bars] by sky

Fireplace and Chimney [firestone] by Bas080

Various Mod [various] by RAPHAEL

Adds diffrent colored panes, adobe, thatch, skyblock, wood and lawn.

More Useful Deserts [desert_uses] by Menche

Desert cobble, desert cobble furnace, desert sandstone, desert cobble tools.

Disambiguation [disambiguation_0gb_us] by

Desert stone furnace, desert sandstone, streak-free glass from desert sand.

Octu's Blocks [octublock] by Octupuslegs

Adds colored blocks, glass and a few tools.

Quartz [quartz] by Evergreen

Adds quartz to the game, including pillars and some other stuff.

Stonebricks & tiles [stonebricks] by Chinchow

Adds the two blocks the name of the mod tells.

xtrablocks [xtrablocks] by GJH105775

Adds some wood and marble blocks.

TerrariumBlocks [terrariumblocks] by Fifi

Adds metal bricks and other blocks.


xDoors² [xdoors2] by xyz

Two doors placed next to each other will form a double door.

Papyrus Door [papyrus_door] by Ragnarok

Decorative, 3x2 blocks wide papyrus door.

xDoors [xdoors] by xyz

3d doors.

xDoors2 [xdoors2] by Jordach

Fork of xDoors2 that allows for more intresting textures.

Hidden doors [hidden_doors] by Hamlet

Allows doors to be crafted into concealed doors, which blend in with common blocks.

Fences and Gates

Gates mod [gates] by xyz

more fences [more_fences] by sfan5

Adds fences out of diffrent materials, including such exotic ones as cobble and brick.

Special chests

Big Chests [bigchests] by madchicken13

"This Mod lets you craft chests that are 2x bigger than normal chests"

Infinite Chest [infinite_chest] by cornernote

Never-ending chest slots.


Simple Dyes [simple_dyes] by swilde

Useful if you do not want to use the flowers from the default game.


Home Decor Modpack [homedecor_modpack] by VanessaE

The modpack adds big number of furniture materials and any decorations. Also it uses other mods like chains, computers, plasmascreen, lavalamps and other.