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Technic Mod [Technic] by RealBadAngel

Accelerator pneumatic tubes, Alloy Furnace, CNC Machine, Coal Driven Generator and Compressor.

Industrial Mod [industrial] by RAPHAEL

Crates, safes, asphalt, signs, concrete, ...

Forcefield [forcefield] by ch98

"With this mod, you can put on forcefields using coal."

[Modpack] Industry Pack 0.1.1 [industry_pack] by MarkTraceur

Adds (amongst many craftitems):

  • transactor: "A node that moves things from one node to another. Useful for assembly lines, auto-smelting, and distribution lines."
  • factory: "A node that auto-crafts based on a recipe, input items, and a fuel source."
  • The hammer can be used to pulverize ores and thus double their output.
  • The saw creates 6 wooden planks out of a tree trunk instead of 4.


Mesecon digicode [digicode] by Zeg9

"This mod adds a digicode for mesecons, codes can be from 1 number to 4. When you enter the right code, it sends a short mesecon signal to the block behind it (like a mesecon button)."

Fallstone [fallstone] by 12Me21

"This mod adds falling nodes that look like cobble and fall when powered by mesecons"


see Robots-Overview


Jumping [jumping] by Jeija

"Jumping adds trampolines and cushions to minetest."

Gem tools [Gem tools] by LionLAD

"This mod adds gem fabricator (raw gems, and diamond cutting wheel)"