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Mbox important.png This is an unofficial list of mods. It is incomplete and very outdated.
Do not rely on it to find the latest mods. Use ContentDB to find mods instead.

Please see the Education tag on ContentDB for an up to date list of education mods.

Alphabet Blocks

Simple Coding


Modelling Realworld Content

Exporting 3D-content created in game to other formats

  • BlockExport. This mod defines a new chat command "/exportblock" which writes 3D node data of the player's current 80x80x80 node block to a file in obj. format.
  • Minetest Mesh Exporter ((meshport) Meshport is a mod which allows easy exporting of scenes from Minetest to .obj files, complete with materials and textures. These models can be imported directly into Blender or another 3D program for rendering and animation.
  • mt2obj exporting to .obj format with a chat command.
  • Minetest 3D Print (M3D), exports a piece of game map in a format that can be read by FreeCAD minetest importer plugin.


  • What a Dog Sees Texture Pack (dogview)by pithy; a texture pack that takes texture from Minetest Game and reduces the color spectrum to what a dog sees. (might be lost)
  • Cutepie, a collection of cute and colorfull blocks. Including a smiley that can also frown and a heart bomb that might brighten up lesson sessions or be usefull as decorative rewards.
  • Q and A (Learning Tool)
  • EDUtest by zeuner, a UI-frontend to manage students.
  • Classroom Manager by rubenwardy, a tool for teachers to monitor students on a server.
  • MapTools, a mod with some blocks and tools that might help managing and monitoring students on a server.
  • TechWelt Server, a public server used to showcase and experiment with educational and technical mods.

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