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Mods for singlenode

Name Creator Link
Spawn Builder Wuzzy [Spawn Builder]
Skyblock cornernote [Skyblock]
Skyblock Sokomine [fork of Skyblock]
SkyBlock Redo rnd [Skyblock]
Again a Lua mapgen Krock [yappy]
River / mountain range mapgen paramat [watershed]
Unter Null Casimir [unternull]
Hallelujah Mountains DrFrankenstone [Cloudlands]

Mods for creating flat maps

Name Creator Link
Superflat Mapgen srifqi [superflat]
Flatgen (Flat map generator) Krock [flatgen]


Name Creator Link
Asteroid and comet realm paramat [Asteroid and comet realm]
Meseor impacts paramat [meseor]
Fissure systems and lux ore paramat [fissure]
Chasm systems paramat [chasm]
Orange moonlet (Omlet) / realm generator paramat [moonlet]