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Localisation v06 [localisation] by sfan5

"This Mod adds Localisation to Lua Mods and the default Game. This is only useful when you play in Singleplayer or when you run e.g. a Spanish Minetest Server"

Internationalization Lib for Minetest [intllib] by kaeza

"This mod is an attempt at providing internationalization support for mods. Any comments or suggestions are welcomed to the forum topic."

ModUpdateSystem/AutoUpdater - cURL required system-wid [autoupdater] by Traxie21

"This mod allows mod makers to specify download urls for their mods, and then download them and future updates from this mod, automatically if preferred."

worldtime mod [worldtime] by Bad_Command_

"The worldtime mod adds some time managment functionality to minetest. It adds no new blocks or objects or behaviors, but instead is a library that can be used by other mods."

Falling nodes [falling_items] by Bas080

Adds groups floored, hanging, attached.

Demos and examples

Flamethrower [flamethrower] by Jeija

"This mod adds a flamethrower using particles. It makes things burn and scorches grass; does not cause damage to any object. Supposed to be a demonstrative mod for particles."


Full Inventory [fullinventory_0gb_us] by

When your inventory is full, you can no longer mine. This prevents item loss. It is less needed with newer versions of Minetest where items in such a case will be dropped in your environment.

Minetest Game Internationalization Mod [mtg_i18n] by LNJ

This mod adds translations to the default game of Minetest, the Minetest Game.


Wireworld [wireworld] by PilzAdam

"This mod adds this to Minetest: Wireworld."

Civilization [civilization] by Bas080

Civilization mod aims for highly collaborative gameplay