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Mbox important.png This is an unofficial list of mods. It is incomplete and very outdated.
Do not rely on it to find the latest mods. Use ContentDB to find mods instead.
Languages Language: English

Please see the Mobs tag on ContentDB for an up to date list of mob mods.

Mods that add mobs

Carbone Mobs [mobs]

Another mobs mod based on PilzAdam's mobs mod. Includes dirt monsters, stone monsters, sand monsters, tree monsters, oerkkis, dungeon masters, rhino, troopers, sheep and rats.

CUTE CUBIC MOBS 2 [ccmobs]

adds mobs of the type cow, goat, pig, sheep, rockmonster and treemonster. Rather cubic mobs made of nodeboxes in contrast to meshes as used by most other mob mods. The code is based on the original ccmobs.

Extreme Survival Mobs [esmobs]

Smart PVP Mobs with an enhanced pathfinding that will find you!

Jellyfish Mod [jellyfish]

adds some jellyfish - (ouch)

M.I.L.A. (Mobs Intelligence : Lightweight Api)

A small api which aims to run faster than mobs redo, and to do less things than cmb.

Mobkit - Entity API

Description: A mob-api that tries to offer realistic physics, async operation, Mob spatial awareness and consistasy among others.
Links: [ContentDB] | Forum | Codehosting
Author: Termos

The following mods depending on the MobKit API and containing animals, humanoids, monsters or a mixture of these catogories.

  • aerotest (Eagle - King of the sky)

Description: Adds eagles.
Links: [ContentDB] | Forum | Codehosting
Authors: Gundul, Termos, Extex, Melkor

  • better_fauna

Description: Adds cows, sheeps, pigs, chicken and turkeys with group spawning support.
Links: ContentDB | [Forum] | Codehosting
Author: ElCeejo

  • eg_goats

Description: Adds goats.
Links: [ContentDB] | [Forum] | Codehosting
Author: NetherEran

  • markov_macaws

Description: Adds macaws.
Links: [ContentDB] | [Forum] | Codehosting
Author: NetherEran

  • wildlife

Description: Adds wolfs and deers.
Links: ContentDB | [Forum] | Codehosting
Author: Termos

  • zombiestrd

Description: Adds zombies and sharks.
Links: [ContentDB] | [Forum] | Codehosting
Author: Termos

The following mods depending on the MobKit API but do not contain animals, humanoids, monsters or a mixture of these catogories.

  • motorboat

Description: Adds a motorboat.
Links: [ContentDB] | Forum | Codehosting
Author: apercy

  • sailing_kit

Description: Adds a sailboat.
Links: ContentDB | Forum | Codehosting
Author: Termos

Mobsplus and Edited Areas (modpack) [mobsplusareas-mp]

Combines elements of Simple Mobs, KPGMobs and Zeg's Mobs. Includes Dirt Monster, Tree Monster, Sand Monster, Stone Monster, Oerkki, Dungeon Master, and Wolf as well as Boar, Sheep, Chicken, Cow, Horses (all original varieties), and Rat and also Mese Monster and Lava Flan.

adds some explosive nuisance

adds ostrich to desert biomes besides some more desert plants.

  • Progress Mobs (was SimpleMobs++) [pmobs]

Depends on Mobs Redo! giant spiders, bees,chicken, cows, sheep, warthog, rats, sand-, dirt-, stone-, tree-monsters, oerkki, dungeon masters, lava flan, mese monsters and as additions yeti, wolves, dogs and wardogs.

Adds said unfreindly and rather pale guys, and an obsidian sword needed to fight them. Inspired by George R.R. Martin's "White Walkers / the Others"[1] fictional characters

Slimes inspired by TheManaWorld. Original version from the Content-DB may not work with mt-5.3. Search the thread for fixes.

Nodebox Mob API [nmobs]

A very primitive mob API for use with nodebox mobs only. Mobs move around but are not otherwise animated.

Open AI open_ai

A mobs API to add mobs as moduls. It is in developing status and sofar only sheep exist.

Peaceful NPC [peaceful_npc]

includes random non-player characters that follow you

Santa! [santa]

adds a Santa that drops coal

Senderman [senderman]

meet Senderman. Includes the senderegg.

Soldiermob [soldiermob]

This mob adds VERY aggressive soldiers that will shoot at you. Good luck!

Slugs [slugs]

This mod adds moving slugs using nodes. (Similar idea to worm mod) Beware, rather cubic.

They're everywhere!(bugslive) [bugslive]

adds some creeping critters. A version that runs with Mobs Redo exists.

Workers [workers]

adds worker cubes. May be a bit outdated. Beware, very cubic.

Worms and Snakes [worm]

This mod adds moving worms and snakes using nodes. (Similar idea to slugs mod) Beware, rather cubic.

Zombie Waves [zombie_waves]

includes zombies. The mod may have survived in the Zombie Survival Sub-game.

Other mods (containing mobs)

  • random buildings

includes lumberjacks and traders.

  • Zeg's Mobs and Lava Temple [zmobs]

Depends on Simple Mobs (mobs). Adds mese monsters and lava flans.

Other mods (without mobs)

A spherical device that, when placed next to a mob, captures and contains said mob. The player can then store it in their inventory. By placing the device somewhere the mob can be releaseed again.

The forum page includes a link to a lawyer mob that runs if the simple mobs mod by PilzAdam is run.

Adds spawners for several mob mods such as mobs, carbone_mobs, mobf, creatures, zmobs and more to come.

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Notes and references

  1. Based on characters of the Game of Thrones Television series which is based on novells by George R.R. Martin