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Mbox important.png This is an unofficial list of mods. It is incomplete and very outdated.
Do not rely on it to find the latest mods. Use the ContentDB or the forums to find mods instead.
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Food & farming

Farming [farming] by sapier

Old mod - 2012-03 , most functionality has been included in Minetest game. This separate mod cannot and should not be used with any version of Minetest newer than 0.4.6. Adds wheat, potatoes, corn, rhy and tall-grass

Doc Farming [DocFarming] by Doc


Farming Plus [farming_plus] by PilzAdam

Extents the default farming by adding bananas, carrots, cocoa, oranges, potatoes, pumpkins, rhubarb, strawberries, tomatoes, weeds and scarecrows.
github 2014-07

Farming Redo [farming_redo] by TenPlus1

new crops, new foods
github 2017-02

Food Expansion [Food_Expansion] by GamingAssociation39

Fork of Farming Redo adding some more fruit trees, crops and other things.

Minecraft-like farming [farming] by davedevils

based on farming_plus by PilzAdam early attempt to include plants and hoes as known from minecraft. Might have been first to add melons. May be out of date as originaly from late 2014.

farming_plusplus [farming_plusplus] by MTDad

Modpack, based on

  • farming_plus by PilzAdam
  • Farming Redo by Tenplus
  • Doc Farming by Doc

github 2014-11

Hydro [hydro] forked by HybridDog

(a fork of parts of Aeroponics from Mauvebic, 2012-07) includes the plants tomato, peas, habanero, grapes, coffee and roses

Crops [crops] by sofar

introducing plants that have to be taken care of.

Agriculture [agriculture] by jbb

adds corn, tomatos, strawberrys, carrots and sugar-beets. -2016-01

More Farming [morefarming] by sys4

making farming a little more realistic and adding Wild Carrot/Carrot, Golden Carrot, Teosinte/Corn, Corn on the Cob and Chicha -2017-03

Grains [grains] by v-rob

This extension for the default farming mod adds four new types of grains: oats, rye, barley, and rice.

ironapple [ironapple] by Topywo

Restores 4 hearts.

Weed mod [weed] by RAPHAEL

Outdated! Revived in Weed Mod!

Weed Mod! [(weed)] by ManElevation

Used textures from original weed mod. Intigrated into Farming by ManElevation. Code on forum page for inserting into Farming Redo. May be outdated.

The Hemp/Cannabis-mod [CANNABIS_MOD] by ulla/IIIullaIII

Provides some plants usefull for many things of which some might not be suitable for underage players to learn about. CANNABIS_MOD at GitHub contains probably the most recent version. The plant Hemp as source for fibres is also present in the Farming-redo mod.

Make Beer in Minetest [beer_test] by Semmett9

Adds plants such as hops and oats and provides means to craft beer, ale and mead.

Wine [wine] by TenPlus1

Adds grapes barrels and bottles to make a fine wine. Depending on mods enabled, you can also ferment apples into cider, wheat/barley into beer, blue agave into tequila and honey into mead.

Cucina Vegana [cucina_vegana] by Clyde

The mod adds asparagus, soy, parsley, lettuce, chives, rosemary, sunflower and kohlrabi for the vegan Kitchen in Minetest. It also adds Oil that can be used as fuel and supports farming_redo and mobs or Animalmaterials which unlocks extra recipes such as for Milk, (Soy)Meat and (Soy)Chicken.

Endless Apples [endless_apples] by Shara

A simple mod that causes default apples to regrow on trees.

nettle [ortie] by club Graines2Tech de la Vallée de Villé

The mod adds nettles that can be made to soup. Beware, cook before eating though!

Seafood and Sushi +Pearls [seafood] by DancingWombat

besides a lot of sea related stuff this mod also adds rice plants.

Pineapple [pieapple] by runs

Adds pineapples from the Brewing mod.

Not so simple plants and fungi [nsspf] by NPX

A mod that adds 29 fungi typs in order to give another source of food without farming.. (may be outdated)

Semi-simple mushroom overhaul [mushrooms_redo] by Piezo_

Since the removal of spores from Minetest, food has been scarce now the ability to farm mushrooms has returned. -


Alternative Trunks [altertrunks] by Mossmanikin

"A mod which turns the cubic trunks in to "cylindric" ones in a non-invasive way. (If you disable this mod you got the normal cubic trunks in your map and no unknown_node-textures on it.)"

Basic Trees [basic_trees] by bosapara

Mod adding 8 new trees: cypress, eucalyptus, willow, sequoia, birch, maple, oak, cedar.

Big Trees [big_trees] by duane

This mod spawns huge trees, hundreds of meters high.

Christmas Tree [christmastree] by ExeterDad

Adds decorative tree amd wreath meshes.

Conifers [conifers] by cisoun

"Tired of the same trees? Get this mod to put new conifers on your map! Includes two types of tree with two sorts of leaves to make your landscape more diversified."

Cool Trees modpack [cool_trees] by runs

A modpack including all trees originating in the Brewing mod that became standalone mods. Trees and plants as of July 2020 Cherry Tree, Lemon Tree, Ebony Tree, Clementine Tree, Mahogany Tree, Pineapple, Chesnut Tree, Palm Tree, Birch Tree, Bamboo, Larch Tree, Jacaranda Tree, Pomegranate Bush, Weeping Willow, Bald Cypress.
- Old standalone versions:

Cherry Tree [cherrytree] by runs
Clementine Tree [clementinetree] by runs
Lemon Tree [lemontree] by runs
Mahagony [mahagony] by runs

FakeTrees [faketrees] by Kociak

Adds nodes to build trees.

Fruits on trees [fruitontrees] by ericksmerick

Probably outdated.

Giant Xmas Tree [xmas] by crazyginger72

Glowing Biomes [GlowTest] by fishyWET

Adds some glowing trees and some mobs that spawn there.

Grunds [grunds] by Pyrollo

Adds a biome with giant trees. It is inspired from an old Apple II game named "Below the root".

Growing Trees [growing_trees] by Sapier


Hard Trees [hardtrees] by octacian

This mod overrides the ability to harvest treetrunks by punching it with the bare hands.

Integral Trees [integral] by duane

Adds giantic intigral shaped tree structures into the sky based on the science fiction novel of the same name.

Jungle Trees [jungletree] by Bas080

L-System Tree Utility [ltool] by Wuzzy

A tool to design L-system trees from within Minetest.

Maple tree [maple] by h-v-smacker

Based on the version developed by ExeterDad for the Hometown server.
Version by Duvalon [(again) maple] with translation support.

MB Trees [mb_trees] by burli

A modpack adding several trees.

Mineral Trees [mineraltrees] by Gravelpunch

Mineral Trees is a mod for Minetest designed to make all ores in default Minetest renewable and limitless.

Mini Trees [minitrees] by 12Me21

This mod adds mini trees, leaf pickaxes, a mini tree pickaxe, and very brightly glowing 3D mese crystal.

More Trees! [moretrees] by Vanessa E

This mod adds many new types of trees to the game. Depends on [biome_lib]

nodebox_trees [nodebox_trees] by D00Med

This mod replaces the default tree trunks with nodeboxes, and leaves with models.

OreWood [orewood] by desvox

Grow ore from the trees! Adds ore generation to tree trunks, and you can grow the logs into farmable plants.

Perlin Jungletrees Ongen [jungletree] by paramat (fork of bas080' jungletrees)

Perlin conifers ongen [conifers] by paramat

Real Trees [real_trees] by yzelast

Adds stages of growth to minetest trees so they don't grow direct from sapling to tree.

Red Trees [redtrees] by Glory!

Adds red trees and pink Sakuragi (cherry blossom) trees.
A version forked by Piezo as part of the minetest_madman_server game may be found here

rnd_trees [rnd_trees] by rnd

Start with one piece of living wood. Assign it life energy and let it grow.

Round Trunks [round_trunks] by HybridDog

Basic rounded tree trunks and cacti

Round Tree Trunks [round_trunks] by Hamlet

Ported from "RealTest"

Tiny Trees [trees] by Bas080

Bigger trees but smaller than moretrees trees

THE TREEPACK! [treepack] by azekill_DIABLO

A modpack changing the trees behaviour.

trees_lib [trees_lib] by Sokomine

A drop-in for minetest_game/mods/default/trees.lua that expands the api so more trees can be added easily. Somewhat work-in-progress. -

Other Plants

Bamboo [bamboo] by Bas080

last updated 2013?

Bamboo [bamboo] by Krock

adds bamboo plants and building material.

Berry Bushes [bushes] by jordan4ibanez

adds cubic berry bushes.

Flowers [flowers] by ironzorg

- 2011-12, Old Mod ! Possibly outdated.
added roses, yellow dandelions, white dandelions, tulips, violas and waterlilies. All now included in Minetest Game.

More Flowers [moreflowers] by sys4

This mod depends on and extends the flowers mod from MT Game by adding more flowers. It also includes teosinte, wild carrots and a way to put flowers in vases.

Moon Flower [moonflower] by MirceaKitsune

"It opens up and casts lighting when under the influence of the moon."

Gardening decor [gardening] by philipbenr

adding some recepies for crafting flowers and bushes, may be outdated

Decoplants [decoplants] by Josh

Old Mod ! Download links don't work anymore. Possibly outdated.
"This mod will introduce 12 decorational plants to minetest, these decoplants can be crafted by placing 8 leaves in square shape in your crafting table, then put any dye in the middle and it will make a decoplant of it's color"

Tulips [tulips] by bas080

Old Mod ! Possibly outdated.
used an interesting color scheme.

Shrubs [shrub] by SegFault22

Old Mod ! Possibly outdated.
Give water to dry shrubs and make them green again!

Hedges [hedges] by Shara

Connecting hedges

surround holes by hedges etc [detect_holes] by Sokomine

This mod uses a form of edge detection to place hedges or fences along edges, cliffs and holes.

Blossum Hedges [blossum hedges] by runs

Beautiful hedges made from flowers for your gardens. Dig them to get the flowers back.

Flower Bushes [flower_bushes] by KatzEyez

The mod will create flowering bushes that can be used to make hedges using Shara's Hedges Mod. Players will also be able to harvest flowers and craft dyes from them.

Cactus Mod [cactusmod] by xyz

Cacti hurt, but also drop fruits occasionally.

Desert Life [desert_life] by Nathan.S

Adds some flora and fauna to deserts. Adds Ostriches when the mobs-redo api from tenplus is also present.

Carnivore plant [CARNIVORE PLANT] by ulla/IIIullaIII

Rockweed [rockweed] by lister

Rockweed is a kind of blocky petrified plant that thrives in dark caves. It can be cultivated to grow in desired shapes such as pillars, walls or other things.


Farming_NG [farming_nextgen] by Gundul

Adds a seeder and a harvester tool.

Compost [compost] by cd2

With this mod, you are able to compost grass, leaves, flowers...

Vines and Rope [vines] by Bas080

"Now with the new vines mod you can just climb your way out of it. Fell in a cave? Let your teammate throw you a rope. Working on a high altitude project? Use the rope to get down and climb up. Making an adventure map? Make your levels more traverse-able and dynamic."

Plant Trimmer [plant_trimmer] by Ragnarok

Stop further growth of plants like papyrus by placing an almost invisible plant trimmer node above them.

Antipest [antipest] by Gundul

get rid of them sunflowers

TreeCapitator [treecapitator] by Hybrid Dog

Treecapitator [treecapitator] by jordan4ibanez

Timber! [minetest-timber] by cy

Lumberjack [lumberjack] by joe7575

Preserve the landscape

Desire path [paths] by Casimir

"This is the filth-mod without the filth. Just the path making part. Grass turns to dirt. Some nodes (sand, desertsand, gravel, dirt, grass, cobble, mossy cobble) change into each other, depending on what you walked on before."

Clay generation [claygen] by Topywo

"Make clay renewable without loosing materials."


[Modpack]Survival ModPack [survival] by kaeza

"This mod adds new hazards to the survival aspect of the game. Currently, this adds hunger, thirst, and drowning, and a hazard suit. It's planned to add stamina (tiredness), and temperature in the future."