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New ores

xtraores modpack [xtraores] by davidthecreator

"Adds platinum, cobalt, osminum, adamantite, rarium, antracite, unobtanium, tatanium and geminium ore."

Gem tools [Gem tools] by LionLAD

"Adds rubie, sapphire, emerald, and amethyst ore."

Uranium Nuke Mod!!! [unuke] by bob

"Mine some uranium and build a nuke that dosen't destroy everything but just keeps hurting them till they die or you destroy the nuke!!!"

UraniumMod [uranium] by LandMine

"This mod adds a new ore named Uranium ore, when mined this ore gives you 3 uranium dust which will allow you to create reactors which are special furnaces. Radioactive coal, uranium gem, nuclear waste, waste containers, pulsers and nuclear bombs are all elements that compose this mod, [..]"

Encrustable Gems [gems] by wowiamdiamonds

Adds arnet, aquamarine, topaz, diamond and opal. Those can be used to improve tools.

Gloop Ores [gloopores] forked by VanessaE (original by GloopMaster)

Gloopores supplies five minerals, some of which appear in desert stone (others, in regular stone): Akalin, Alatro, Arol, Talinite, and Kalite.

Get the old MESE back [oldmese] by Jeija

If you got used to the old MESE blocks and do not like the new crystals, this mod might be something for you. Apart from that, full MESE blocks may still be found in newer versions of Minetest if you dig below -1024.

New types of stone

xtrablocks [xtrablocks] by GJH105775

Adds some wood and marble blocks.


Charcoal mod charcoal by xyz

Charcoal Lump charcoal by TorusJKL


Lavacooling [lavacooling] by Hybrid Dog

"I edited the lavacooling mod. It adds basalt, sounds and an obsidianbrick."

Lava Cooling [lavacooling] by Rath

"Makes lava exposed to air cool into molten rock and lava near water turns into obsidian. Molten rock eventually turns into stone or sometimes iron ore and it can be used as a fuel. Pumice forms when molten rock is above water or when its when air is above it while another molten rock node is below it."