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Area protection against griefers

Shared automatic ban [shared_autoban] by 4aiman

Automaticly bans players which dig in the wrong area.

Land Claim [0gb_us] by

Allows to protect areas of 16x16 blocks.


Chat Plus [chatplus] by rubenwardy

This mod allows the player to ignore other players on chat. It also provides PM inboxes, chat logs, chat filters/profanity ban and (optionally) limiting by distance.

Chat log [chatlog] by JBR

"The name says it all. Creates a chatlog.txt file in the world directory."

Redsand [redsand] by TheRedMood

Adds /list, /kill, /msg and /reply commands.

Away Mod 1.0 [away] by kahrl

Allows to set an away message.

Money, trade

Exchange [exchange] by Zeg9

"This mods adds an "exchange chest" which allows to exchange stuff between players in a secure way (no scamming)"

Geld [geld] by severak

Get 25 Sestertius from 5 MESE blocks.


Traps Mod [traps] by rubenwardy

"This mod adds booby traps to Minetest, I made it especially for the Hunger Games Server."

Factions [fractions] by Jonjeg

"This mod allow players to group as factions,it can be useful for pvp. Anyone can create his faction."

Uranium Nuke Mod!!! [unuke] by bob

"Mine some uranium and build a nuke that dosen't destroy everything but just keeps hurting them till they die or you destroy the nuke!!!"

Flamethrower [flamethrower] by ericksmerick

Fake Blocks [fakeblocks] by RAPHAEL

Allows to create fake block versions of many known blocks.

Aqua Version/Traps+ [atraps] by Aqua

"Hey all this is my version of traps mod!"

Throwing [throwing] by Jeija

Bows and arrows.


External Commands [external_cmd] by Menche

"This mod allows sending chat commands and messages from outside minetest. I made it so scripts could interact with the server."

Admin Tools [admin_tools] by randomproof

"Remove Stick - removes anything it hits (nodes or entities, not players though(yet)) Mainly this will allow you to remove locked chest and mobs." The other commands are obsolete (/grant and /revoke ought to do the same).

Server login over IRC [irc_commands] by ShadowNinja

"This is a mod that allows you to run any command on a server over IRC using the IRC mod."

Future ban [future_ban] - ability to ban offline players by cactuz_pl

Restart [restart] by Shaun

Restart-script for Minetest servers running under Unix.


Player Models [player_models] by stu

Minetest Player Mesh Modifier

Disable sneak glitch [no_sneak_glitch] by Wuzzy

Disables the sneak bug for all players automatically when they join.