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Picks, axes, shovels etc.

xtraores modpack [xtraores] by davidthecreator

"Adds platinum, cobalt, osminum, adamantite, rarium, antracite, unobtanium, tatanium, geminium tools."

Gem tools [Gem tools] by LionLAD

Adds rubie, sapphire, emerald, and amethyst tools.

Usesdirt [usesdirt] by Dogzilla131

Decorative fences, tools and other nodes made out of dirt.

More Useful Deserts [desert_uses] by Menche

Desert cobble, desert cobble furnace, desert sandstone, desert cobble tools.

Octu Tools [octutool] by Octupuslegs

Very expensive tools made from multiple MESE blocks. Also adds a ladder created with cooked leaves and a box.

Octu's Blocks [octublock] by Octupuslegs

Adds colored blocks, glass and a few tools.

Tools with special functions

Mine It All [Mine It All] by echosa

"Mine It All allows you to mine entire veins of connected blocks of the same type. Simply hold `sneak` while mining one of the coal nodes, and all the coal nodes will be mined at once."

Superpickaxe [superpick] by Hybrid Dog

"I made a tool which can dig everything except objects very fast and show information about the punched node."

Diamond Fist [diamond_fist] by BlockMen

"It add a diamond fist, that diggs much faster than the default fist in creative mode and has also endless uses. Of cause you can use the diamond fist in survival too."

Painting [painting] by jin_xi

"This mod adds in-game painting to minetest."

Ban Hammer [ban_hammer] by Evergreen

"This mod adds a hammer which bans (kicks, or removes shout privilege depending on the mode) any player it is punched with. The user of it must have the "ban" privilege."

Special Tools [special_tools] by jojoa1997

§As of now there are just shears which cut leaves, papyrus, dry shrubs and everything else with either snappy=3 or wool=3."

Clock [clock] by randomproof

"A clock node that shows the hour. Dawn and dusk are at 6 o'clock."

Watch [watch] by Echo

"Hold a watch in your hand or have it just in the visible inventory. Accuracy by the hour."

Stair Pick [stairpick] by BrandonReese

"This is a specialized pick for making stairs. Don't worry about gathering material, crafting stairs then placing stairs. Just hit a block with this tool and it's becomes a stair node if it's a material that can be crafted into stairs. Supports the default stairs mod, and stairs+."

Army Stuff!!! [Army Stuff] by Dan Duncombe

"This mod adds a crate full of weapons."

Improving/Repairing tools

Encrustable Gems [gems] by wowiamdiamonds

Adds arnet, aquamarine, topaz, diamond and opal. Those can be used to improve tools.

Locating ores

Xray [xray] by InfinityProject

Allows you to see through stone.


Bows V3r2 [Bows] by UjEdwin

Allows you to shoot arows.

Gem tools [Gem tools] by LionLAD

Adds rubie, sapphire, emerald, and amethyst swords.

Army Stuff!!! [Army Stuff] by Dan Duncombe

"This mod adds knife and a rifle."

xtraores modpack [xtraores] by davidthecreator

"Adds waraxes, darts, guns, spears, katanas, cutlasses and swords."