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Mbox important.png This is an unofficial list of mods. It is incomplete and very outdated.
Do not rely on it to find the latest mods. Use ContentDB to find mods instead.

Please see the Transport tag on ContentDB for an up to date list of mods.

Rail bound

Hicarts [hicarts] by ABJ

Ground bound

Car [car] by Esteban, Melkor and Dan Duncombe

Cars [cars] by Ragnarok

Car extension for StreetsMod [cars] by webdesigner97

Vehicle Mash [vehicle_mash] by blert2112


Water vehicles

Barge in Prefab Concrete [prefab] by Dan Duncombe

Sail Boat [ds_sailboat] by deasanta

Sailboat [boats] by amadin (based on ds_sailboat)

Sailing and Tropical Islands [sailing] by cakenggt

Sailory [sailory] by Eran


Flying vehicles

Small airship vehicle [airboat] by paramat

Flying Saucer [flying_saucer] by pilcrow

Hang-gliders [hangglider] by Piezo_

Hot Air Balloons [hotairballoon] by Me Me and Me.

Hovers [hovers] by Calinou.

Simple helicopter [helicopter] by Pavel_S

Moving attached Nodes

Flyingships [Flyingships] by neko259

Meshnodes [meshnode] by stu