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Rail bound

Carts [carts] by PilzAdam

Monorail [monorail] by sapier

Railcarts [railcarts] by CiaranG

Boost cart [boost_cart] by Krock

My Train Mod [trains] by jordan4ibanez

Hicarts [hicarts] by ABJ

Advanced Trains [advtrains] by orwell


Ground bound

Automobiles [automobiles] by Mr. Rar

Azewheel:a car mod [azewheel] by azekill_DIABLO

Bike [bike] by Hume2

Car [car] by Esteban, Melkor and Dan Duncombe

Cars [cars] by Ragnarok

Non-laggy cars [cars] by cheapie

Car extension for StreetsMod [cars] by webdesigner97

Driftcar [driftcar] by paramat

Simple Hovercraft [hovercraft] by stu

Cubic Microcar [mesecar] by paramat

Wild cars [mobf_car] by Sokomine

Military Vehicles [mvehicles] by DS-minetest

Vehicle Mash [vehicle_mash] by blert2112

Vehicles [vehicles] by D00Med


Remote-Controlled Car [rc_car] by kaeza


Water vehicles

Boats [boats] by PilzAdam

Barge in Prefab Concrete [prefab] by Dan Duncombe

Sail Boat [ds_sailboat] by deasanta

Sailboat [boats] by amadin (based on ds_sailboat)

Submarine [Submarine] by krokoschlange


Flying vehicles

Small airship vehicle [airboat] by paramat

Aviation modpack [aviation_mp] by Glory!

Flight modpack [Flight] by Amaz

Flying Carpet [flying_carpet] by Wuzzy.

Flying Saucer [flying_saucer] by pilcrow

Hang-gliders [hangglider] by Piezo_

Hot Air Balloons [hotairballoon] by Me Me and Me.

Hovers [hovers] by Calinou.

Parachutes [parachute] by webdesigner97.

Simple helicopter [helicopter] by Pavel_S

UFOs [ufos] by Zeg9


Moving attached Nodes

Airship [airship] by Pavel_S

Digtron (digtron) by FaceDeer

Flyingships [Flyingships] by neko259

Meshnodes [meshnode] by stu