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Sapling, Jungle Sapling, Pine Sapling, Acacia Sapling, Aspen Sapling
Jungle Sapling.png
Pine Sapling.png
Acacia Tree Sapling.png
Aspen Tree Sapling.png
A block in Minetest Game
Type Plant
Drops Itself
Physics No
Luminance No
Flammable Yes
Generated No
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (99)
Itemstring see table

This page is about tree saplings. For the bush saplings, see Bush Saplings.

Saplings are a group of blocks which grow into trees. They are dropped by leaf-type blocks with a chance of 1 in 20 for each leaf block. The sapling drop “replaces” the leaf block drop—you do not get the leaf block if you get a sapling.

All saplings can be can be placed on any block.



Saplings will, provided they are under sunlight and are on placed on any dirt or another block that supports growth, will grow into trees after a while. They instantly go from sapling to full tree, there are no intermediate growth stages.

Specifically, all saplings only grow on the following blocks:


There are different saplings, each sapling grows into a different species of tree.

Sapling type Itemstring Dropped from … Grows into …
Sapling.png Sapling default:sapling Leaves.png Leaves Tree.png Tree or apple tree
Jungle Sapling.png Jungle Sapling default:junglesapling Jungle Leaves.png Jungle Leaves Jungle Tree.png Jungle tree
Pine Sapling.png Pine Sapling default:pine_sapling Pine Needles.png Pine Needles Pine Tree.png Pine tree
Acacia Tree Sapling.png Acacia Sapling default:acacia_sapling Acacia Leaves.png Acacia Leaves Acacia Tree.png Acacia tree
Aspen Tree Sapling.png Aspen Sapling default:aspen_sapling Aspen Leaves.png Aspen Leaves Aspen Tree.png Aspen tree


Trees grown from saplings have a 25% chance to bear apples.

Pine Sapling

The pine sapling will grow into a pine tree. If dirt with snow, snow or a snow block was in a 3×3×3 area around the sapling, the pine tree will be covered with snow.

Other saplings

Trees grown from other saplings will be mostly the same every time.

Saplings in future versions (5.0.0-dev)


Sapling type Itemstring Dropped from … Grows into …
Emergent Jungle Tree Sapling.png Emergent Jungle Tree Sapling default:emergent_jungle_sapling Nothing Jungle Tree.png Jungle tree

Emergent Jungle Tree Sapling

This sapling is like the regular jungle sapling, but it grows into a much larger jungle tree. It needs a space of 3×3 blocks on the ground in order to grow.


Name Ingredients Input → Output
Emergent Jungle Tree Sapling Jungle Saplings
Jungle Sapling.png
Jungle Sapling.png
Jungle Sapling.png
Jungle Sapling.png
Jungle Sapling.png
Jungle Sapling.png
Jungle Sapling.png
Jungle Sapling.png
Jungle Sapling.png
Emergent Jungle Tree Sapling.png

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