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This is part of TechWelt, a server showing technical mods for educational purposes.


A nice parcour with stations for introducing the various parts of mesecons.


Location: 1755,45,699

Arrival-area atop a tall hill, with nice panorama.
The area has a shaft for jumping down.


Location: 1750,15,745

Info-signs: here, the path splits into

  • (A) Introduction to mesecons-basics
  • (B) Advanced topics


A01 - Lightbox & Sensor

Location: 1742,25,814

A mesecons_wire connects a mesecons_detector with a lightbox (from xdecor).
If a player comes within range 6 of the sensor, it turns from red to green, and powers the wire.
When powered, the wire turns into a lighter shade of yellow,
and attached devices (such as the lightbox) turn on.

A02 - mesetorch and wires

Location: 1760,24,835

  • The mesecons_torch is a (weak) source of power
  • Examples how to build and connect mesecons_wires

A03 - mesecons-devices

Location: 1795,28,839

Some simple lightsources, powered by mesecons:

  • iron_lightbox (from xdecor)
  • lightstone_red

Examples how to connect them to a mesetorch directly, and via a wire.

A04 - mesecons-switch: lever

Location: 1795,24,890

How to connect mesecons-levers to lightstones.

A05 - Rezeptor-Types

Location: 1774,21,951 .. 1734,23,972

!! The players inventory gets "cleared" = destroyed at several points at this station !!
  • Mese-torch, Power-Plant, Blinky-Plant.
  • Lever, Switch
  • node-detector, object-detector
  • Pressure-plate, button
  • Solar-panel, hydroturbine
  • Meseblock

A06 - Effectors

Location: 1712,24,972

  • normal piston, sticky piston
  • sticky block
  • movestone, vertical movestone
  • noteblock
  • Removestone, Ghoststone
  • mesecons-lamp, lightstones

Lightshow: 1658,26,937

A07 - Extras

Location: 1663,26,927

  • vertical mesecons-wire

Examples for usage

A08 - Mese-Mine

Location: 1755,25,876

Mese-Mine: 1739,-72,887

End of part A: 1676,10,853

Mesecons-center: 1658,21,762

Teleporter: 1652,18,734

Missing: torch-as-inverter, delayer, logic, lua-controller, fpga