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Swiss-Survival Server
A server
Owner atorian37
Port 30005
Flags Dmg,Pwd,Rol,Far
Forum topic



This is a description about the Swiss-Survival-Server.

This is an 'easy' survival world, with no PVP (and a focus on good behavior),
with some nice and some technical mods (such as xdecor, pipeworks etc.).

After the first login, players need to read /rules.

General Server-info

(as of 2019-10-13)

  • Admin: atorian37
  • IP:
  • Max users: 10
  • Operating hours:
  • Mapgen: v6, seed 4781171871012947571
  • no interact for new users - read /rules !

strict 0.4.16 protocol, no PVP

See also: List of servers:


  • moreblocks - stairs&slopes, iron stone, plank stone, glowglass, circular saw ...
  • Moreores - tin, silver, mithril ?
  • xdecor - chair, table, cushions, mailbox, workbench, enchanting table ...
  • display_lib - more signs: roadsigns, posters, steles
  • mobs-redo & mobs_animal - chicken, sheep, pig, cow. horses, bunny, birds, fish
    • mobf_traders - buy & sell stuff
    • Monsters+kpgmobs: wolf, spider, dirtmonster, treemonster, sandmonster, stonemonster .. dungeonmaster
  • hec_treasuries
  • initial_stuff - new players get a set of tools, torches, and stones
  • hunger - players need to eat
  • farming - more plants: cacoa, carot, coffee, corn, melon, potato, pumpkin, raspberry, tomato ...
  • unified_inventory - with crafting-guide and backpacks
  • mail - write mail to admin, or other players
  • travelnet - teleporters
  • treecapitator - digging bottom block harvests the whole trees
  • wardrobe - change player-skin
  • wiki - read news, tips&advice
  • areas - area-protection
  • worldedit + gui, handle_schematics - map-maintainance


A short overview about this world.

  • Spawn - wiki, and starting location for balloons. Some shops nearby.

Location: -933,31,1283

Start-area, with some shops and traders nearby. Also free food at several public beehives.

Note the travel-agency (-972,31,1266), xeno-travel (-967,32,1230), and old man (x,31,y), which offer transfer to several travelnet-stations.

  • Oldspawn - A small cafe with the Swiss-flag-monument nearby.

Location: 1249,4,190



  • This mod makes players hungry over time
  • Watch the food-bar next to the health-bar, and refill with food:
    • apples, brown mushrooms - standard food
    • honey from beehives
    • cooked meat
    • fruits + farmed food (eg. wheat --> flour --> bread)
    • Animals often leave meat on the ground when they die


  • Get a sword to defeat common monsters, and for hunting.
  • Carry some food, to help restore health.



Some players have built nice devices with pipeworks. ...