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For further reference this is another version of the page as created by user user


Community mods

Link - Creator (Last release | First release)


Simple Mobs - PilzAdam (2013-06 | 2012-09-15)

MOB Framework - Sapier (2013-05-07 | 2011-12-25)

Technical / Transport

Mesecons - Jeija and other (2013-06 | 2011-12-24)

Technic - RealBadAngel (2013-07-19 | 2012-07-24)

Pipeworks - VanessaE (2014-02 | 2013-06-24)

Carts - PilzAdam (2013-05 | 2012-07-20)

Farming / Nature / Food

Nature Pack - neko259 (? | 2012-01-05)

Farming Plus - PilzAdam (? | 2012-08-14)

Food - rubenwardy (2014-04 | 2012-09-05)


More Ores - Calinou (2013-06 | 2011-12-09)


Unified Inventory - RealBadAngel (? | 2012-12-02)

Inventory++ - Zeg9 (? | 2013-06-08)

Area protection

Advanced area protection - ShadowNinja (? | 2013-09-17)

markers - Sokomine (? | 2014-01-03)

Land Rush - (2014-02 | 2013-02-16)

(Chat) tools

WorldEdit - sfan5 (? | 2011-12-11)

More nodes / items / tools

More Blocks - Calinou (2013-04-24 | 2011-08-01)

Map generation

Nether - PilzAdam (? | 2013-04-30)

River / mountain range mapgen - paramat (2014-04 | 2014-02-19 — Preceding unsigned comment added by Twoelk (talk) 21:43, 14 April 2014‎

Community/default/official mods

What do you mean by "community mods"? Aren't all mods made by the community? CraigyDavi (talk) 20:04, 3 January 2015 (MSK)
indeed all mods are made by the community but some are provided in the official download by default and are somewhat guaranteed to work with the engine while some community mods need certain builds or may be outdated.
Given the large amount of community created mods maybe "extensive" might not be the right wording in the intro of the page. Both Sokomine and me have only named but a fraction of what is out there. I just might start working on intigrating this list into the wiki someday but allas it is allready pretty much outdated and was always far from complete besides from the minor problem that I never got around to gather all the required information for it to be usefull.--Twoelk (talk) 18:30, 5 January 2015 (MSK)
How about moving the "Community mods" section onto the categorical pages with the table design though, in the notes collumn there could be info on whether or not the mod is up-to-date or outdated. Better to keep the list of mods all in categories rather than some on the main page. CraigyDavi (talk) 22:56, 5 January 2015 (MSK)
It's not clear what you mean here. Is everything listed under "Community Mods" actually available as part of the official download? (can't check right now, as the online repo seems down and is coming back empty). I'm happy with listing the official mods (with a better title) here, but then repeating them on the category page as well. Greenman (talk) 17:27, 15 July 2015 (MSK)

Categorization of mods


  1. Agriculture
    1. Vegetation
    2. Butchering
    3. Irrigation
  2. Architecture
    1. Buildings and Skyscrapers
    2. Electricity, Gas and Water Lines
    3. Theme (Amusement) Park Rides
  3. Sports and Gym
    1. Field
    2. Gym machines
    3. Kickers and Throwers
      1. Football
      2. Rugby
    4. Parkour
    5. Sticks
      1. Baseball
      2. Tennis
    6. Track
  4. Technology and Security
  5. Visual Arts and Music
    1. Music
    2. Statues
    3. Paintings


Merging for less work and easier maintaining

Restructuring and an expanded table

I have moved this discussion section from Mods:Mobs to here.
The table of content of Mods:Mobs was a mess, that was to much for a toc...
I want to change the names of the mod listing articles to "List of ..." and these lists should just be sortable tables like the one below.
There is no need for further explanations, cause this is already done on the linked sites and the own articles of the mods.
Description should also be objectiv/factually.
We should consider to merge nearly every subpage of a mod into its main article the wiki, many of them containing just a bit text or even nothing and just an image of one mob from a mob collection...
Also it is a waste of resources for the server and the client.
It is already a ton of work to keep all that up to date (as all readers of this wiki can see...) and also the ContentDB, the forum and the codehoster are the primary places for that.
One page per mod, that contain everything of the mod.
Here's an example I've made: Mods/Simple Mobs that page contained 14 subpages before (including a few translations), that's a waste of resources!
Special pages like tutorials for complex mods like robot can have subpages, else the article would be to bloated, but these subpages must be linked in the article.
To strip down the article so we get a wiki for a quick and clean overview for the available mods for minetest.
Template of sortable Table:
Modname Description Mod Category Sub Category API Dependencies State Conflicts with other mods Supported minetest version ContenDB Forum Codehosting Release date Author
mod123 foobar Entity Animals & Monsters MobFrame Abandoned Unknown 0.4.1 - 0.4.12 - some old forum post - 2011 Mister X
some old mod foobar Administration Commands None Unknown extented_commands 0.3.5 - some old forum post - 1867 some_very_old_dude
another_mod blablabla Node Cracky None Stable more_blocks 5.3.0 - 5.4.0 Contentsite Forum post NotABug 2019 Misses X
a new mod it does... things Item Magic Some Item API WIP Unknown 5.4.0 Contentsite Forum post NotABug 2021 An alien from mars

Additional categories

Further I recommend a more fine grained categorization.
For mobs for example, I would suggest these following subcategories:

- Anmials
- Humanoid NPCs
- Monsters
- Animals and Humanoids
- Animals and Monsters
- Humanoid NPCs and Monsters
- Animals, Humanoid NPCs and Monsters

Users searching for specific types of mobs and/or mobs that run with the mob api they are actually using.
Voxel (talk) 20:21, 8 April 2021 (UTC)