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Naturally generated blocks

These blocks occurred naturally in the generated maps.

Acacia Leaves.png Acacia Leaves Acacia Tree.png Acacia Tree Acacia Tree Sapling.png Acacia Sapling Air.png Air Apple.png Apple
Brown Mushroom.png Brown Mushroom Cactus.png Cactus Clay.png Clay Coal Ore.png Coal Ore Cobblestone.png Cobblestone
Copper Ore.png Copper Ore Desert Sand.png Desert Sand Desert Stone.png Desert Stone Diamond Ore.png Diamond Ore Dirt.png Dirt
Dirt with Dry Grass.png Dirt with Dry Grass Dirt with Grass.png Dirt with Grass Dirt with Snow.png Dirt with Snow Dry Grass 3.png Dry Grass Dry Shrub.png Dry Shrub
Grass 5.png Grass Gold Ore.png Gold Ore Gravel.png Gravel Ice.png Ice Iron Ore.png Iron Ore
Jungle Grass.png Jungle Grass Jungle Leaves.png Jungle Leaves Jungle Sapling.png Jungle Sapling Jungle Tree.png Jungle Tree Lava.png Lava
Leaves.png Leaves Mese Block.png Mese Block Mese Ore.png Mese Ore Mossy Cobblestone.png Mossy Cobblestone Nyan Cat.png Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat Rainbow.png Nyan Cat Rainbow Papyrus.png Papyrus Pine Needles.png Pine Needles Pine Sapling.png Pine Sapling Pine Tree.png Pine Tree
Red Mushroom.png Red Mushroom Sand.png Sand Sapling.png Sapling Snow.png Snow Snow Block.png Snow Block
Stone.png Stone Tree.png Tree Water.png Water

see also Ores