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This is an unofficial collection of games and game-like maps. Most of this list can now be found on the List of Games page that should be more up to date. If you want to add or correct stuff feel free to do so but please consider to rather make the changes on the List of Games page.

I will keep this list for the time being though to further experiment with wikilists. On this, my experimental sandbox, list do not delete rows or columns without telling me so.

The first column is a sorting help. It sorts the forum entries according to date while keeping the OldCoder list and other unclear entries appart by inserting empty lines.

The second column is a grouping by relevance to be officially included and the source they come from.

 0 = Included in the basic download 
 1 = Declared ready to be included in this forum thread
 2 = Suggested to be included in this forum thread
 3 = Mentioned in other places such as for example on IRC to be examples of games to be included.
 8 = Other games, mostly from the games thread.
11 = Games that originated as mod collections of specific servers
12 = Games of prolific serfers that have not been offered as public downloads.
15 = Map based games
21 = Oldcoders collection of games

I could need help for the "type" column as I have not played all games (has anybody?) and might not have understood the intentions of some creators correctly. The rows 11 to 60 are pretty safe candidates for the final list. Below that things get a little unclear and I will probably not include all rows as they are. The date format is ISOdate for better sorting.

1 x CodeName LongName Type Author WebPage FirstDate Description
3 0 minetest_game Minetest (game) / default Default devs GitHub 2012-03-26 The default game for Minetest. In July 2014 the subgame Mintest-NeXT was merged into Minetest-game.
4 0 minimal Minimal development test Testing devs GitHub 2012-03-26 A minimalistic testbed
59 8 base_game BASE Improvement Krock 9647 2014-06-30 A not too heavy base for modding, compatible to minetest_game, with easily overviewable codes, some new functions, (ex. player models), several utilities and using all available nodes while removing the unused.
58 8 Virus3 Virus3 themed sazonov.pavlik73 9457 2014-06-07 New version of the game "virus". purpose:write /spawnentity creatures:zombie and kill zombie. Zombie hp max=1002.
57 8 Riventest Riventest themed Wuzzy/mauvebic 9446 2014-06-05 Based on the Riventest modpack by mauvebic. The game provides a basic set of blocks and catwalks and other decorational nodes, inspired by the game Riven.
56 8 Minetest Preindustrial Minetest Preindustrial themed Enki 9433 2014-06-03 This game, does not feature any modern era nodes or tools, thus it is aimed at those players who would like to build ancient times / classic era / medieval structures.
55 8 Nicklitest Nicklitest Improvement sazonov.pavlik73 9300 2014-05-17 Includes armors, dynamite sorts, adds malachite,lazyrite,v,ametesty,tapaz and uses the creatures mod for Mobs:zombie, ghost and sheep.
54 8 Roman Test Roman Test [0.1] beta Improvement nater6927 9256 2014-05-06 just want to create some fun within Minetest for people without skimming through the Minetest Forum til' they find something.
53 8 SkyTest Sky-Test [0.1] skyblock HeroOfTheWinds 9255 2014-05-06 Skylands throughout the whole world-space. Including some flying devices.
52 3 dreambuilder_game Vanessa's Dreambuilder Game server VanessaE 9196 2014-04-28 Previously known as VanessaE's game. Game used on VanessaE's Creative and Survival servers.
51 3 Rpi Rpi – Free your Art (A lightweight game) server Megaf 9192 2014-04-27 Designed to work on low end machines as server such as Raspberry Pis. Running with client as in Singleplayer may need slightly better Hardware.
50 2 Adventuretest Adventuretest (Working Title) Improvement BrandonReese 9184 2014-04-27 Includes a skills and experience system.
49 1 minetest_next Minetest NeXt Improvement BlockMen 9066 2014-04-14 this game was thought as basic branch of Minetest-game that included new developments. In July 2014 it was merged with Minetest-game in the Minetest release version 0.4.10 and will not be developed further as an individual Minetest subgame. Development has shifted to Minetest-game.
48 3 BFD Big Freaking Dig Rehash Jordach 9036 2014-04-12 Tries to emulate the feeling of a MC modpack, but in game form. Also includes never before seen things.
47 1 carbone Carbone Improvement Calinou 9033 2014-04-11 Aims for more balanced gameplay.
46 3 overgen_game Minimalistic overgen game mapgen Krock 8929 2014-03-29 based on the overgen mapgenerator
45 2 nodetopia Nodetopia Overhaul PilzAdam GitHub 2013-12-01 voxel oriented; survival-ish; not finished (based on Pilztest)
44 2 realtest Realtest Revamped Overhaul Dan Duncombe 7573 2013-10-30 some major changes to the gameplay offer a pretty diferent expierience and this game, which is developt in two different branches is often used to demonstrate that the game can be made to differ from the default game a lot.
43 3 overcraft_origins Overcraft Origins MC-Clone jojoa1997 7427 2013-10-14 A Minecraft-like game based on MiniTest
42 2 Wasteland Wasteland themed BlockMen 7243 2013-09-18 Post apocalyptic themed
41 2 Eden Eden (formerly Immersive Fun) Overhaul Neuromancer 7027 2013-08-25 this game tries to create a verry detailed and diverse flora among other things. While producing very pleasing landscapes the full version is compared to others rather large and map generating can be very demanding on the hardware side.
40 3 mt_nostalgia Minetest Nostalgia Overhaul Dan Duncombe 6977 2013-08-20 tries to recreate the look and feel of Minetest 0.3.1 (Classic) while using a more recent version of the Minetest-engine.
39 8 capturetheflag Capture the Flag / City VS City combat Overhaul / PvP rubenwardy 6947 2013-08-17 Supports capture the flag style games and City vs City games.
38 15 LogoSkyblock skyblock/map Jordach 6851 2013-08-07 The Minetest Logo as starting block in the middle of the sky
37 3 OCD OCD (Obsessive Consistant Design) Overhaul Bas080 6636 2013-07-20 This game focusses obsessively on emergent gameplay. Having certain materials allows for more crafts and more complex designs and functions within the map. To show emergents the game has a unique texture system. The textures visually represent the complexity of the crafts.
36 8 Decoblocks Decoblocks Stand-alone Thermal_Shock 6420 2013-07-01 Previously Hunter-Gatherer. Focused on providing more building options.
35 3 technic_game Technic Overhaul RealBadAngel 6412 2013-06-30 focuses around the technic mods.
34 1 nodetest nodetest improvement Casimir 6346 2013-06-22 Nodetest aims to be compatible with most of the mods for minetest_game (the main game). It's focus is on a basic gameplay with more survival features.
33 3 minetest_plus Minetest+ Improvement BlockMen 6244 2013-06-12 Default plus improvements
32 8 Farmish Farmish Improvement qznc 6012 2013-05-16 survival with stoneage and some mobs
31 8 zombies_game Zombie Survival themed Dan Duncombe 6696 2013-05-09 Zombie themed, always night
30 8 minetestblack Minetest Black Improvement jordan4ibanez 5639 2013-04-16 not developed anymore, copy still available. Includes a node gun, power tools, anvil for repairing tools and graveyards.
29 3 LordofTheTest LordOftheRingsGame themed fishyWET 5578 2013-04-12 Based on themes of the fictional fantasy world described in the "Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien.
28 8 0gb.us_game 0gb.us_game Improvement 5375 2013-04-01 0gb.us_game aims to provide tools for servers to allow users to manage themselves, as well as a few tools for administration and moderation. May be outdated.
27 8 moontest Moontest! themed Zsoltisawesome GitHub 2013-03-27 (Back from the Dead!) A Lunar GameMode. Forumpage at 5305 with links to legacy complete Minetest builds with the game included and screenshots.
26 8 Minetest-server Minetest Server Essentials Improvement Mito551 5053 2013-03-10 Adds some server Tools. May be outdated.
25 8 hungry_games The Hungry Games themed Splizard 4582 2013-01-26 based on the Hunger Games
24 11 VanessaE_Game VanessaE's game server VanessaE 4057 2012-12-13 This is the "Mod-Collection" that is used for the Creative and the Survival server. As of April 2014 renamed to Dreambuilder Game.
23 3 minimal Minimal minimalistic PilzAdam 3441 2012-10-19 even more minimalstic than the official one
22 8 Cubes Cubes Improvement Josh 3298 2012-10-05 Adds a variety of mods and a menu background plus a texture pack (Gridtoon). Might be outdated.
21 8 simple Simple Improvement Bas080 3242 2012-09-29 A minetest game that focuses on game play and immersion.
20 8 Techduck Techduck Overhaul jordan4ibanez 3174 2012-09-24 Has an experience system. Includes Technic and Mesecons. May be outdated.
19 8 PilzTest PilzTest Improvement PilzAdam 3119 2012-09-18 minetest_game with some changes; outdated (Base of Nodetopia)
18 3 dwarves Dwarves Overhaul Mito551 3003 2012-09-09 tries to recreate a fantasy world look and feel.
17 8 minetest_avatar Avatar themed tonyka 2845 2012-08-23 like Pandora
16 8 skyblock SkyBlock skyblock cornernote 2799 2012-08-16 Building in the sky with tasks
15 8 m13game M13's Minecraft Classic For Minetest MC-Clone madchicken13 2742 2012-08-09 like Minecraft Classic Survival mode
14 3 realtest The RealTest Game Overhaul sda97 2671 2012-08-04 original version
13 3 Minitest MiniTest MC-Clone PilzAdam 2589 2012-07-28 Minecraft “clone”
12 11 redcrab_game RedCrab server game server redcrab 115864 2012-04-18 Sokomine's collection of mods to run the map saved from RedCrab's server (Mods as of 27.10.2013)
11 8 Farmtest-SDZ Farmtest-SDZ Improvement sdzen 1564 2012-04-06 Farmtest-SDZ is a menagerie of mods from the past and future which aim to carve out an existence together. This Gamemode will mainly focus on basic farming and usability.
71 12 King Arthur server game server live as in the Middle Ages
91 15 Pripjat map Reactor Pripjat, the abandoned city