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The reasons for my edits

It does not seem that you understood the point of my edits. Otherwise, you woudn’t have reverted my recent edits. Here’s the point: Now that the chest has only an animation alternating between 8 wood planks and 8 junglewood planks, it is incomplete/incorrect again. It implies that there are only these possible two crafts. But this is not how the craft actually works. A chest is made of 8 items of the group “wood”. You can even mix them, for example 4 wooden planks and 4 junglewood planks. Such crafts are not shown in the animation. Also any item from any mod in the “wood” group can be used in this craft and this is a point where the animation thing totally falls apart. In brief, using animations to show group crafts leads to false results. I always understood animations as a way to show specific, certain crafts. Group crafts, on the other hand are not specific to one item only. The same complaint is true for all other reverts of group crafts.

It took me a pretty damn long time to finally figure out that a stone pick axe (for example) does not have to be made of three stone things and all these stones must be of the same kind. By continiuing using animations for group crafts, you will lead players to the same false assumptions. I explained crafting extensively on Crafting.

For the page Wooden Planks and Junglewood Planks: I can kinda accept animations but only for the non-group crafts, this means: the planks itself, the stairs and the slabs. Here the animations are correct. The group crafts should be removed from the page and it should be linked to the group page instead.

I tried to push group crafts away from the main block pages and link to the group pages instead. I did this to reduce redundancy. You will notice the benefits of this idea especially for the stone/desert stone/etc. pages; that’s much better than repeating the stone tool crafts for every single page, which would also be downright incorrect/incomplete (see above).

Besides, I try to move away from animations for didactic reasons. It is much more helpful to see the possible crafts at once instead of having to wait for all possible crafts to cycle through. Scrolling is much less annoying than waiting. The animations for the tools already are way too long in my opinion. Even by using groups, there are now 6 frames á 1.5 s = 9 seconds for one loop. This is annoyingly long. Now you even want to seriously push a full circle of every possible item through (which is, besides, just wrong, see above). That would mean, for 5 stones, 2 woods, 1 steel, 1 bronze, 1 mese crystal and 1 diamond an animation circle of 11 frames has to be used. 11 frames â 1.5 s = 16.5 s per loop. That’s just too damn long!

I think animations should really only be used when the crafts are kinda obvious. Like for dyes + wool, for example. You can predict what comes next. Well, yeah, and for the wood stuff I can also kinda accept it. But not for the tool crafts, that’s not obvious. One could assume that you use Mese Blocks or Mese Crystals or Mese Crystal Fragments for a Mese Pickaxe. The tool pages suck anyway and need to be completely reworked one day, there is much missing. But that’s a different beast. ;-)

I hope you understood why I all did this. I hope you also understood that your reverts destroyed some craft recipes. --Wuzzy (talk) 20:52, 2 October 2013 (MSK)

We should add an example to crafting page that wood, stone and w/e types can be mixed, that would make it clear enough.
Your argument, that you would see the recipe more clear with groups is not well chosen, because you can't see which blocks are contained in that group. All you see is a big, red "G" and some undefined blockgroup in the back. The "waiting"/animation is the better option here, because everyone can identify the type of the block. And how often you need to look up the same recipe? I think 16.5 s (max) per loop is not that much time in comparision how often player look up the same recipe. --BlockMen (talk) 16:11, 6 October 2013 (MSK)
PS: Why have you moved the discussion to my page?