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This is a list of 3rd party web services for Minetest.

This is not a comprehensive list, for more see Minetest-related projects in the forum.



Name Description Info / Webpage Author
Screenshot addi skindb.png Skin database Preview, share, and download player skins forum addi
Skin converter Import skins from Minecraft into Minetest forum eyesgoal


Name Description Info / Webpage Author
Minetest Mod Search Search for mods by name or keyword. Results weighted by user ratings. forum Krock
Minetest Mods Also known as “Minetest Bower”. A mod repository and package manager. forum cornernote


Name Description Info / Webpage Author
Public remote media server Like a CDN for your Minetest server. This remote media server provides clients with media for your servers, so that your server does not have to provide this download to your players when they connect. This generally speeds up connections and lowers the pressure on your server, and so it's a good thing!

This is a public instance of the Minetest Remote Media server project.

forum sofar


Name Description Info / Webpage Author
Web Node Box Creator 3D editor for easily creating custom blocks. Web based. forum IcyDiamond

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