Wheat Plant

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Wheat Plant
Wheat 1.png
Wheat 2.png
Wheat 3.png
Wheat 4.png
Wheat 5.png
Wheat 6.png
Wheat 7.png
Wheat 8.png
A node in Minetest Game
Node Type Plant
Drops Wheat (1–2) when fully grown

Wheat Seed (1–2) when fully grown

Physics No
Luminance No
Flammable Yes
Generated No
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (99)
Itemstring farming:wheat_<size>

A Wheat Plant is created when placing Wheat Seed on Soil or Savanna Soil. The plant only grows when the soil is wet. Wheat plants can have one of 8 sizes and always starts with size 1. When it is on wet soil, it will slowly grow into larger sizes. On size 8, it stops growing.

When mined, it can randomly drop anything ranging from nothing up to 2 Wheat and 2 Wheat Seeds. The larger the wheat plant, the better the chances are you get more. A full-grown wheat plant is guaranteed to drop at least 1 Wheat and 1 Wheat Seed.


Size Look Itemstring
1 Wheat 1.png farming:wheat_1
2 Wheat 2.png farming:wheat_2
3 Wheat 3.png farming:wheat_3
4 Wheat 4.png farming:wheat_4
5 Wheat 5.png farming:wheat_5
6 Wheat 6.png farming:wheat_6
7 Wheat 7.png farming:wheat_7
8 Wheat 8.png farming:wheat_8

Drop probabilities


Size Look =0 ≥1 =2
1 Wheat 1.png 82.35% 17.65% 0.74%
2 Wheat 2.png 80.36% 19.64% 0.89%
3 Wheat 3.png 77.78% 22.22% 1.11%
4 Wheat 4.png 74.29% 25.71% 1.43%
5 Wheat 5.png 69.23% 30.77% 1.92%
6 Wheat 6.png 61.11% 38.89% 2.78%
7 Wheat 7.png 45.45% 54.55% 4.55%
8 Wheat 8.png 0.00% 100.00% 10.00%

Wheat Seed

The probabilities are the same as for wheat.