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Languages Language: English • français • Bahasa Melayu

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. We use it for real-time internet text messaging related to the project.

All the engaged people from the community and the developer team can be found there, and most prolific modders will also be available there.

Some of the IRC channels are also bridged and accessible from the Minetest Discord server, with message history kept. For IRC users who do not have a bouncer, most IRC channels have logs which are made available on


All of the Minetest channels are on You can connect either via webchat or install an external IRC client.

General channels

Channel Topic Bridged via Discord Logs
#minetest(webchat) Casual discussion about everything Minetest. Bridged to the Discord server as #minetest-irc Yes [1]
#minetest-dev(webchat) Core Minetest engine development discussion. Everything else (including modding) is off-topic. Please stay on topic here! Yes [2]
#minetest-hub(webchat) Another general IRC channel which is mostly unused nowadays. Yes [3]
#minetest-docs(webchat) IRC channel for the Minetest Docs project. Yes [4]
#minetest-fr(webchat) General discussion in French No (No logs known)
#minetest-de(webchat) General discussion in German No (No logs known)
#minetest-es(webchat) General discussion in Spanish No (No logs known)

Games and mods

Channel Topic
#lordofthetest(webchat) Lord of the Test
#mineclone2(webchat) MineClone 2


If you like to chat a lot, webchat is not very convenient. So you should download an IRC client program. Here is some recommended free software:

  • HexChat: Feature-rich program for Windows and GNU/Linux (and similar), continuation of now legacy XChat program
  • Leafchat: Simple program for Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS)
  • irssi Pure console client

If you have difficulties in understanding IRC, is a good resource.


Some people don't know how to behave in IRC, so here are some simple rules:

  • Don’t ask if you can ask questions, just ask
  • Be patient when you ask something, people might not be around
  • Don’t spam
  • Don’t flood the channel with messages or bot commands
  • Use a pastebin, such as 0bin if you want to post more than 4 lines (e.g. error messages or code)
  • Annoying, racist or any form of degrogatory term against any user or channel operator will probably get you quieted or even banned.
  • If you’re going to ask someone something, saying "please" goes a very long way.
  • The channels are not playgrounds and are frequently used for talks which are not off-topic.
  • Off-topic is allowed, but excessive use of it is disallowed.
  • Link shorteners are discouraged for URLs that are not very long.