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Lava Titan
Nssm lava titan.png
A mob in Not So Simple Mobs
Health 40 Heart.png
Armor Armor.pngArmor.pngArmor.pngArmor.pngArmor.pngArmor.png
Damage Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHalf heart.png
Drops Life Energy

Lava Bucket Lava Titan Eye

Entitystring nssm:lava_titan

Nssm lava titan egg.png In creative mode you can spawn Lava Titan with lava titan egg

A Lava Titan is a hostile mob that turns nearby blocks into lava and has two attack styles.

  • Lava titan hits the ground with his fist, kneels and summons lava blocks diagonaly around players.
  • Lava titan marches straight toward you rushing through blocks and destroying every block he touches.