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The default player skin.

The player is the character users control. The official name given for the player's appearance is “Sam”, which is a recursive acronym for “Sam ain’t Minecraft”.


Players start with 10 hearts and die when they have lost all hearts. Players can restore health by consuming food. Players lose health when they fall too deep, touch lava or get attacked by other players (as of the vanilla Minetest game of 0.4.7). When a player dies, Bones which contain the player inventory of the dead one are left behind.


In the default texture pack, the player appears as a green, flat shape with a black square for the eyes (they are only shown at the front of the player, not the back). They never hold any blocks or items in hand. With Minetest 0.4.10 there will be a third person view to see you player. Press F7 to switch between camera modes, first person mode, third person view, third person view (front view).[1]

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