Coral (rooted)

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Cyan Coral, Green Coral, Pink Coral
Cyan Coral.png
Green Coral.png
Pink Coral.png
A block in Minetest Game
Type Rooted plant
Drops Itself
Physics No
Luminance No
Flammable No
Generated ???
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (99)
Itemstring see table

This page is for the rooted corals. For the full-block corals, see Coral (block).

Cyan corals, green corals and pink corals are rooted plants that can only exit inside a water source on top of a coral skeleton. To mine it, use a sword or the hand. You can either hit the coral itself or the block below.

Coral types

Coral type Itemstring
Cyan Coral.png Cyan Coral default:coral_cyan
Green Coral.png Green Coral default:coral_green
Pink Coral.png Pink Coral default:coral_pink

See also the corals in block form.

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