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The debug screen can be access by pressing the F5 key (by default) and shows various technical information about Minetest which are mostly interesting for developers, but some information are also useful for players, especially the coordinates.

It contains various information useful for development and testing. Press F5 to access different debug screen modes:

  • Debug screen disabled
  • Debug info
  • Debug info + profiler graph
  • Debug info + wireframe (only with “debug” privilege)

Debug info

Basic debug info

The basic debug information is located at the top left of the screen. It looks like this:


First row

  • Minetest X.Y.Z: The version number of Minetest
  • FPS: Number of frames per second, denotes how fast everything is rendered. Higher = better. It is limited at 60 by default. An FPS lower than 30 is pretty bad (try to lower graphics settings or close some background applications)
  • drawtime: An average time (in milliseconds) it's taking to render each frame, not including processing other than rendering. Lower is better
  • dtime jitter: Jitter in the time difference between rendering frames, including all processing. Minetest remembers the previous drawtime values over a few seconds in the past. This value shows how much higher than the average the peak value (over the last few seconds) was. A value of 50% or lower is considered okay
  • view range: Your current viewing range in nodes. “All” means unlimited. By default, you can adjust this with +, - and R.
  • RTT: Round Trip Time in seconds. This is especially important when connected to a server. Lower is better

Second row

  • pos: Your coordinates: X, Y and Z
  • yaw: Your current horizontal looking direction (also known as “yaw”) in degrees (0-360). For convenience, also the cardinal direction (e.g. “North”)[1] as well as the approximate axis direction are shown (e.g. “+Z”)
  • seed: The random seed used by the map generator to generate the current world. Equal seeds (along with equal mapen settings) will lead to equal worlds
  • pointed: The itemstring of the current pointed node (if any).
  • param2: Value of param2 of the current pointed node (if any). This contains some additional info for a node, such as rotation, color, etc, which is important for programmers. The meaning of param2 is explained in the Lua API documentation.

When pointing an entity

When you point an entity or object (such as a dropped item or player), the following information is shown to the left:

  • Entity type: See ActiveObject on the Minetest Developer Wiki
  • hp: Health in hit points (→Player#Health)
  • armor: Armor groups, determine how the entity receives damage

Profiler graphs

The profiler graphs show the performance of Minetest in a more detailed fashion. This information is most useful for engine developers.

See [1] for more information.


  1. 0° translates to “North”, 270° to “East”, 180° to “South” and 90° to “West”. Note that the concept of cardinal directions does not really make sense in Minetest, as the world is a cube, not a sphere, and there are no poles. In this context, the names “North”, “South”, “West” and “East” are just synonyms for the 4 directions