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Tutorial logo.png
A game
Type Tutorial
Author Wuzzy
Latest version 1.8.2
Forum topic 10192
Source code

The Tutorial is an unofficial “game” for Minetest which teaches the fundamental basics of Minetest. It is not shipped together with Minetest. The tutorial concentrates on basic singleplayer gameplay and does not focus on a certain game. Most of the knowledge applies to multiplayer as well. This article will guide you how to install and start the tutorial (version 1.8.1).


Tutorial World

The tutorial is bundled together with a world, called “Tutorial World”. It only makes sense to run the Tutorial in Tutorial World.

Screenshot of Tutorial World:

Screenshot of Tutorial World


How to install

To install the normal version of the tutorial, follow these steps:

  • Download the tutorial package, the link is in this forum thread: [1]
  • Depending on your operating system, you have to extract the Zip archive in to the following directory:
    • GNU/Linux: $HOME/.minetest, where “$HOME” refers to your home directory.
    • Mac OS: $HOME/.minetest, where “$HOME” refers to your home directory.
    • Windows: into the main program folder in which you have installed Minetest. It is the directory containing the directories (not neccessarily exhaustive list) bin (which in turn contains minetest.exe), builtin, client, doc, fonts, games, locale, mods and textures.

If you want to try out the experimental version 2.1.0 (or later), you have to extract the Zip file into the “games” subdirectory of this location. Create this directory if it doesn't exist already. For example: /home/your_user_name/.minetest/games if you're using GNU/Linux.

How to start

To start the tutorial, follow these steps:

  • Start Minetest
  • Select the tab “singleplayer”
  • Click on the blue icon with a graduate cap labelled “Tutorial”.
  • In the world list, select “Tutorial World [tutorial]”
  • Make sure the checkbox “Creative Mode” is off and “Damage enabled” is on

The main menu should now look like this:

Main Menu Tutorial.png

Finally, click on “Play”. Minetest will start and load the tutorial. If the loading is done, you should see something like this:

Tutorial1.8.0 Startsceen.png

From this point on, the tutorial should guide you through the game.

Have fun with Minetest!