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This page serves as the base for translation notes which should be read by translators of certain language(s), and to maintain consistency and accuracy of translations across different translators of same language. This page is the alternative of the translation note page in developer's wiki since it is impossible and not relevant for translators who are not developers to create developer's wiki account and post the translation notes in the developer's wiki.


How to create notes?

Create a subpage of this page in your language code and write all the translation notes in it (eg. Help:Translation Notes/de for German translation notes). Of course, you should write the notes in your intended language in there. If you want to write some translation notes in English so English readers knows what are being written in the notes, do it under #Brief translation notes but keep it simple.

Brief translation notes

Create subheader and briefly explain what are some of the translation notes that has been written for your language.


The translation notes for German are imported from developer's wiki.


The translation notes written on Malay are about the unusual phrases used for translations, and note on some self-derivative words or near-neighbour words as some English words don't have any existing Malay words. While most of the translations are not worth mentioned here due to complexity or common sense, it felt needs to mention that translations for certain words should also mentioned to English community to avoid confusions of both sides (original and translated).

English Malay Notes
mode mod Common Malay word mod is official translation of English mode and it's used everywhere
mod (singular) mods Malay word mods is self-derived from Malay words modifikasi (modification) with an S to avoid confusion with Malay word mod that means English mode
mods (plural) mods-mods Malay grammar for plurals is reduplication of words
diamond intan Malay uses intan for all diamond-related stuff like ores, tools, blocks but not for diamond stone.
diamond (stone) berlian Malay has separate word for the stone diamond (the item diamond)
deprecated terkecam Near-neighbour: The only translation for deprecate is kecam, which usually used to mean criticize
pickaxe beliung Near-neighbour: The only translation for pickaxe is beliung, which usually used to mean adze
orange jingga / oren Use jingga for colour, use oren for fruit, others use common sense either it's more to colour or fruit
air udara Don't confuse with air, the Malay word for water. Don't use the word angin as that means wind or moving air.
water air Don't confuse the Malay word air which means water with the English word air.
gravel kelikir Don't use kerikil even though both means the same in English gravel as the one in game is really kelikir, kerikil is a little bit different from kelikir.