How to kill

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Using swords, axes, hand, …

If you want to kill someone with your bare hand, do not hold LMB (the left mouse button), else your enemy takes damage only one time. <br\> Instead you need to release LMB and wait until your wield item animation (on the bottom right on your screen) stopped, then you can left click again and your enemy takes damage again. <br\> If you use swords with full punch interval, e.g. diamond sword, the enemy takes much damage at once if you wait and if you hold LMB, it takes ~1 damage every … second.

More killing possibilities

You can also kill enemies poring lava onto them. Lava damage is done client side and so they die when they are in lava even if the server lags. <br\> Mods can add stuff which can be used to kill. The technic mod makes it possible to pick up corium source, if you pour it somewhere, it's hard to continue doing something there because everyone there dies immediately because of radiation.<br\> Be careful with bows, they may not work as expected. Some bow mod(s) just spawn an arrow object and make it fly to the enemy and search for a player near it in it's on_step function, which means if the server is laggy, the arrow just flies through the enemy.