Installing Texture Packs

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Minetest versions 0.4.8 and higher

The following explanations assume that you have a Minetest version 0.4.8 and higher like the one you find on this page:
. It should display a Textures tab in the tab row in the upper part of the main menu. Download the texture pack. If it is compressed (it probably is), extract it and move the folder from within the archive to one of the following locations.


You will find a folder called textures in your Minetest base folder. Place the texture pack there.

  • Location of the Texture folder within the folder structure of a run-in-place installation of Minetest, including some of the folders Minetest adds after some usage as client and server, as well as the positions (...) that costum made content goes. Unrelevant folders are not expanded.
├── bin/
├── builtin/
├── cache/
├── client/
├── doc/
├── fonts/
├── games/
│   ├── minetest_game/
│   ├── minimal/
│   └── ... (installed extra games)
├── locale/
├── mods/
│   └── ... (installed extra mods and modpacks)
├── textures/
│   ├── all/
│   ├── base/
│   │   └── pack/
│   └── ... (installed extra texturepacks)
└── worlds/
    └── ... (saved worlds. Some with exclusive world mods)


Find the folder ~/.minetest (so ~ is your home directory and minetest means it is a hidden folder within your home directory – you might have to access it by pasting that path to your file manager's adress bar)
Place the texture pack within the ./textures folder.
If you create a server and want that the texture pack works not only for you, change the texture pack name to server.

Start Minetest and select a new style in the Textures tab.


Once you've downloaded a texture, you'll need to put it inside of the directory: ~/Library/Application Support/minetest/textures/. In the Finder, use the Go menu and select Library. Then navigate to the Application Support folder, then minetest. Inside the minetest folder, create a textures folder if there isn't one already.

Next, place the unzipped texture folder inside of textures.

Start Minetest and select the Content tab. Your texture should appear in the Installed Packages list. Click on it, then click Use Texture Pack to enable.