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Not So Simple Mobs
A mod
Mod Type Mobs
Author NPX
Latest version 3.0
Forum topic 11813
Source code GitHub
Bower name nssm
Technical name nssm

Not So Simple Mobs (NSSM) is a Minetest mod created by the NPX team to introduce more complex mobs into the game, for the purpose of increasing the difficulty of playing.

In October 2017, the NPX Team ceased to be active. A fork was made into TenPlus1's space.

The 3.0 version of the mod features more than 50 different mobs. They are divided in groups, each one who lives in a different biome.

The mod also gives you many new objects, tools and special powerful weapons to defend yourself from the monsters.

List of mobs divided by belonging biome:

Note that Morlendor is a special biome available only if you use NSSB (Not So Simple Buildings)

Important: this mod can make the game really difficult! But fortunately for you it is possible to customize its difficulty. You only need to go in the "Advanced settings" of Minetest, under Mods->nssm there are 3 parameters you can modify:

  • spawnrate of the mobs ("Multimobs")
  • mobs difficulty
  • mapgen: if you don't use mapgenv7 you should modify this so that the spawn parameters can adapt automatically

List of materials divided by categories:

Types of mobs

Removed Mobs

These mobs don`t exist in the mod. They existed before, but they were deleted in new versions for some reasons.

Planned Mobs

NOTE: these were plans made by NPX Team before they ceased activity.

These mobs are planned. They can be released only in future versions.

4.0 At the moment all the mobs are planned for future update 4.0