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Specially the Animal Turtle offer different appearances which shows the possibilites how to use the turtle.

Wild Turtle

WLAN Tutle

Click to see WLAN Turtle as animated gif

The WLAN Turtle is at least connected with a remote control. You can see this as the small tail of the wild turtle is expanded to an antenna.

The remote control for this turtle offers buttons to move the turtle around in the world. The turtle can move foreward and backward, up and down, turn right and left. The turtle does not need to "walk" on the ground but is able to fly ... that seems to be a bit strange, but remember that most blocks in Mintetest can stay in the air without any help or other blocks under it.

This easy turtle can be used to understand that programming means to give commands in sequences. As the turtle only knows a limited number of commands the programmer needs to find the steps to use those commands to bring the turtle to the goal. As the turtle cannot remove any block it must find its way between the blocks.

For the owner of the turtle it does not bring much benefit. But may be it can be a step to climb up an obstacle.

Digging Turtle


The Digging Turtle is equiped with a saftey helmet and offers the possibility to dig and put blocks in the world.

Additionally to the abilities of the WLAN Turtle the Digging Turtle is able to remove a block and put a block.

Only the block in front and under the turtle can be removed. If you want to remove an other block you need to move the turtle around first. What happens with the block? It has gone ... nothing left. You are not able to collect the removed block, may be turtle eats it and ... well ... and digests it.

The turtle is in the same way only able to put the blocks in front oder under it. And the only block it is able to set is a dirt block. May be that's the rest of the digestion!

With this turtle, you can build first things like bridges or stairs and free your way to come through a wall.

Turtle with inventory

Recording Turtle (?)