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Many programs, Web apps, and editors for Minetest have been created by the community.

This is not a comprehensive list, for more see Minetest-related projects in the forum.


Name Description Info / Webpage Author
Screenshot minetestmapper.png Minetest Mapper Creates 2D map images of your world, where one block corresponds to one pixel.

There is also a Minetest Mapper GUI available.

wiki many contributors
MTSatellite A "realtime" web mapping system for Minetest. A bit like having a Google Maps for your Minetest world, except it updates live. forum s-l-teichmann
ScreenshotThumb Amidstest.jpg Amidstest Provides a map of a Minetest world without the world needing to be created by Minetest. This is a Minetest version of the Amidst tool for Minecraft. forum Dr.Frankenstone

World editing and importing

Name Description Info / Webpage Author
ScreenshotThumb WorldEdit.jpg WorldEdit Tools and commands for editing the world.

(Technically this is a modpack, and is operated from within the game engine)

wiki many contributors
Geo mapgen Generate Minetest worlds from real-world topographical data. Reads GeoTiff land cover data and digital elevation models such as those provided by SRTM forum Gael de Sailly
Real Terrain Use image files as heightmaps and biome-maps to generate Minetest worlds. forum bobomb
mcimport A world converter for whole Minecraft maps (Minecraft saves), outputting a new, playable Minetest world. (Linux) forum] many contributors

Twoelk also describes other converters for importing Minecraft data into Minetest.


Name Description Info / Webpage Author
Screenshot addi skindb.png Skin database Preview, share, and download player skins forum addi
Skin converter Import skins from Minecraft into Minetest forum eyesgoal
Mod search engine Search for mods by name or keyword. Results weighted by user ratings. forum Krock

Node Box Editor 3D editor for easily creating custom blocks by dragging their edges. Supports all operating systems Minetest supports. forum rubenwardy
Web Node Box Creator 3D editor for easily creating custom blocks. Web based. forum IcyDiamond
Public remote media server Like a CDN for your Minetest server. This remote media server provides clients with media for your servers, so that your server does not have to provide this download to your players when they connect. This generally speeds up connections and lowers the pressure on your server, and so it's a good thing!

This is a public instance of the Minetest Remote Media server project.

forum sofar