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This is a list of unofficial Minetest-related software.

This is not a comprehensive list, for more see Minetest-related projects in the forum.



Name Description Info / Webpage Author
Screenshot minetestmapper.png Minetest Mapper Creates 2D map images of an already existing world. One block corresponds to one pixel.

There is also a Minetest Mapper GUI available.

wiki many contributors
ScreenshotThumb Amidstest.jpg Amidstest Creates a map of biomes without actually creating the world. This tool just needs a world type, biome profile and seed. Can also view the biomes as Voronoi diagrams. forum Dr.Frankenstone
MTSatellite A real-time Web mapping system. Play on your world and share a map of it in the Web, live. forum s-l-teichmann

World editing

Name Description Info / Webpage Author
ScreenshotThumb WorldEdit.jpg WorldEdit Tools and commands for editing the world.

(Technically this is a modpack, and is operated from within the game engine)

wiki many contributors
Geo mapgen Generate worlds from real-world topographical data. Reads GeoTiff land cover data and digital elevation models such as those provided by SRTM forum Gael de Sailly
Real Terrain Use image files as heightmaps and biome-maps to generate worlds. forum bobomb
mtmapprune Prunes the map.sqlite file of a world and deletes blocks outside a specified range. forum sofar

Convert data from Minecraft

Name Description Info / Webpage Author
mcimport A world converter for whole Minecraft maps (savegames), outputting a new, playable Minetest world. For GNU/Linux. forum many contributors
mcresconvert Convert Minecraft resource packs and texture packs to Minetest texture packs forum many contributors

Twoelk also describes other converters for importing Minecraft data into Minetest.


Name Description Info / Webpage Author
mtmediasrv Minetest Remote Media Server: Distribute Minetest media (textures, models, sounds) to Minetest clients for multiplayer server owners that wish to have their media hosted on a remote media server URL. forum sofar


See Development Tools in the Minetest Developer Wiki.

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