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Minetest is never finished, it is constantly a work in progress. As such, any bug reports trivial, or not, go a long way in helping us make the engine better for everyone. Before you file a bug report, please make sure that the bug has not already been filed/fixed by checking the bugs sub forum, the Minetest GitHub Issues page, and asking about it in the #minetest IRC channel itself.

Once you are sure that the bug you are experiencing is truly new, please collect the following system data.

  • Minetest version: displayed at the top left of the Minetest game screen. Write it down exactly as it is displayed.
  • Operating system: if you are running GNU/Linux, please write down the distribution name, version and architecture (64 bits or 32 bits). If you are running Windows, please note the version name (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, XP is not supported) and architecture (64 bits or 32 bits).
  • Computer specs: please note down the CPU name, clockspeed, number of cores, the amount of RAM installed in your system, and the graphics card your system uses. In some cases, you may also be asked to provide the amount of free space in your hard drive.

With that done, open up the debug.txt located in your Minetest bin/ folder. Copy the last 50 lines or so of the debug file.

Finally, file a bug report under the Bugs sub forum in the official Minetest Forums. Use the following template while doing so:

 Topic title: shortly state what bug you are experiencing
 Topic body: state, and give as many details as possible about the bug you are experiencing.
 Minetest version: The Minetest version that you noted above
 Operating system: The operating system you noted above
 Computer specs: CPU, RAM, graphics card
 [spoiler=debug.txt]Paste debug.txt here[/spoiler]